Monday, June 17, 2013

Discovering the milSO

Finally, we have returned from the infamous yearly family vacation, where the mountainous Wi-fi was infuriatingly scarce, and the stress level of five people being forced to coexist in a shared 700 sq. foot space while it rained for five days straight grew ever increasingly higher! As a result, I’ve been a very bad blogger this week.  Cue trumpet with the “whomp wahhh” noise and a solemn shame face.

Allow me to make a quick amends by posting about something I am very excited to have found and joined, and then hopefully I can get back on track with posting this week after I settle back in.

I love blog hopping; I could get lost in the blogosphere for hours if I let myself (I am sure I am not the only blogger with this particular vice, especially for those who are already reading this post). Today I was rooting around, attempting to ignore my own posting paucity while channeling inspiration from others, when I came across multiple bloggers who have posted buttons on the side of their
pages related to being a Military Spouse/Significant Other (milSO) blogger.  My natural need to explore and conquer kicked in and I set out with my imaginary pith helmet and pickaxe to uncover what this was all about, and how I could get involved with a community of like-minded bloggers.

What I have come to find are two fantastic databases of milSO bloggers, with links to almost every possible facet of living a military life.  JACKPOT!  I have perused the pages of, and follow, many of the bloggers on those lists, who had inspired me to start my own piece of wordy work.  They all have wonderfully different stories and every one of them has written something that has resonated with FM’s and my journey so far.  Do not be scared off if your solider is in a different branch of the military, if you are not married to your solider, or do not have any children; read through the blogs anyway, they have fantastic insight and, if nothing else, perhaps a differing perspective from your own, which is always a helping hand when your cranium’s confused.

SO… Head on over to these two blogs to browse the databases/lists, and if you are also a milSO blogger, make sure to get yourself added into the fold as well.  I have definitely learned rather quickly that this military life will require some hefty amounts of support, so the more outlets Military Spouses and Significant Others have, the better this military life can be for all of us!

Stay well, and happy blog hopping! 

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