Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Savoring the Simple Things

Today I wanted to write about FM’s BCT graduation weekend, and everything that went into planning a 2,000 mile journey to be able to see my solider for 24 hours.  However, since yesterday I have had a constant physical reminder sitting atop my dresser about embracing each and every small, tiny, miniscule moment that brings you closer to your soldier. So today, I write about that instead, and put BCT graduation weekend blogging on my growing list of to-dos for tomorrow.

FM gets a chance to call me 99.9% of the evenings he has spent at AIT training.  It has been like a daily birthday gift just to be able to hear his voice and exchange texts/pictures with him so regularly and freely.  We have been spending a lot of our conversations thoroughly working on ironing out our very near future plans, and FM often jokes about mailing things to my house that would tip off many of the inhabitants in this small Cape as to what we have in the works.  When he texted me a “Love you. You’ll see why” this Sunday evening, I stopped dead in my tracks, gave him the awkward silent phone stare, and starting breaking out into a cold sweat.  What the hell did he send me? And what sort of damage control would I have to do because of it?

I later prodded FM for more information, and he sold gullible ol’ me a line that he had found a postcard at the PX and sent it my way.  Phew, nothing to worry about. Since BCT my flow of US Mail has taken a nosedive, so this would be a welcome semi-surprise to bring it back up!

Two days later a box from Amazon, with my name attached, arrived in my grey mail receptacle.  I have been surfing Amazon a lot, but I didn’t buy anything? Or did I? Induce cold sweats and panic again. What did I order without knowing it? Oh boy!

I opened the package to find this:
The card reads: "Enjoy a movie night! Just add
popcorn and Swedish Fish! Love you
very much, and we'll have a real movie date soon. Love, Me.
Lincoln happened to be the last movie we saw together before FM left, complete with popcorn and Swedish Fish.  We both loved it (who didn’t, it was a fantastic representation of one of America’s finest Presidents in one of his most splendid political victories).  We are also both big movie buffs, and always made it a point to have a movie night at least once per week before he left. I haven’t watched too many since, simply because I am super busy, and most people do not share my strange taste in films.  

FM also knows I am a giant fan of history, particularly 16th-17th c. American history. And when I say giant, I mean serious white button down with pocket protector, masking tape holding together my black framed glasses nerd status. 

Flowers are ok for some people, not me.  Chocolate is nice, but I do not need anything adding to my already gigantic habit.  Teddy bears are cute, but I am not ten nor do I need anything else collecting dust.  I am generally horrible at accepting gifts.

But this… This was perfect. This was simple.  This was me.

He hit the proverbial nail directly on the head with this surprise gift, so much so that the head began to tear up, almost into a cry.  The head hates crying!

Even after being apart for over five months, and over 1,600 miles distance, FM can still make my day with the most effortless of gestures.  That security, that love, that certainty are what get me through the tough days and help me to love the incredible days, like today, even more.

So… Enjoy every quiet moment, every personal win, and every entertaining smile that you can get with your soldier.  Each humble instant will be the glue that keeps you together and going strong.  Look to the simple surprises on days that have few or none, and this military life, and the sacrifices it demands, will never seem as dim as it once may have.

FM, if I haven’t already told you today, I LOVE YOU! And thank you again. Clearly, I liked it, even though you lied to me about the “postcard”! Guess I can let that slide. :)

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