Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Week in Lovely

Well this has already been an interesting week, and even though the end is near, it is not over yet!!

Occasionally I have to remind myself that there were some lovely things that happened/I did this week which kept me forging forward and overlooking FM’s otherwise noticeable absence while he was in field training and unreachable.  And to make it even more fun, and serve as a bigger reminder, I am joining the Thursday “Lovely Blog Hop” thanks to Rekita over at Her & Nicole to bring those lovely things to you. 
This Week in Lovely Things:
FM finished field training.  He was out of reach for the last five days, which, I know, is not a lot, but still a bummer, especially seeing as his first overseas tour starts
in a little over a month. We are trying to fit in as much talk time now as we can before our lives and time differences become ever more distant. Well, this afternoon he is back, and that makes for a lovely day in itself!

I spent an entire day with my mom and sister shopping.  My mother hates shopping. My sister and I, on the other hand, are shopaholics.  So getting her to agree to come out with us was not only a task, but a lovely surprise.  I truly did miss times like this being away from home for so long.  One perk to moving back I suppose.
We three lovely ladies from last Thanksgiving
FM was guaranteed a chance to come home after AIT.  We were unsure what the terms would be before he shipped off to the wild blue yonder, and word had spread that he would not be able to take leave before departing.  Well, thanks to his supreme intelligence for finishing in the top percentile of his class, and the Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program, FM gets to spend two weeks back in NY on uncharged leave. Gracias Army!

I took a small weight off my shoulders with my last post. If you have yet to read it, you can find it here. Basically, it was something I have been dreading writing about for some time, something I have been feeling slightly guilty about, and it just needed to be expelled.  Today is much lovelier for it!

Huck, the fish, made a bubble nest. Anyone who has had Bettas may already understand, but for those who do not, this is quite exciting.  Bettas make a ton of bubbles which all form into a big blob at the top of the water, which is an indication that that love their tank/surroundings/conditions.  So, I am glad I can provide him a cozy fish home. 
Guess you're happy, huh buddy?
Our legal system took a step towards catching up with the citizens that live under it.  No matter how you feel on the issue itself, yesterday was a great day in the US for human rights to triumph, and personal preference to prevail. And I’m more than happy for my friends that will now be able to reap the benefits of that small victory! 
I found some great new blogs, and love the people that contribute their time and energy to them.  A big "thank you" to you all!!

I received new followers, which I am always more than happy to have and follow back. And another big "thank you" to this as well!

And I am sure there’s a few more I am forgetting… but those were pretty awesome, lovely things that aided in making this a great week, even if it didn't include too much FM.

What lovely things did you do or accomplish this week? I would love to read some of your comments below!
Have a great Thursday all!

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