Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Lovely Day for America

Today is a lovely day, no doubt. And certainly a lovely day to link up with the Lovely Blog Hop hosted by Her & Nicole. But today is not a lovely day for the reasons we all so enjoy.

Today is not lovely for fireworks. 
Today is not lovely for BBQs.
Today is not lovely for fresh watermelon.
Today is not lovely for sitting by the pool.
Today is not lovely for backyard games.
Today is not lovely for cutesy frozen drinks.
Today is not lovely for colored Jell-O.

Today IS lovely for freedom.  The very same freedom we lobbied and fought so vehemently for in 1776.  The very same freedom we have come to depend upon and continue to defend today.

So, amidst the parties, the BBQs, the family, the food, the drinks, the music, and the fireworks, let’s remember and reflect upon the true significance of this holiday… Our Independence and our Freedom.  

Today is a lovely day to be an American!!
And, as always, a big thank you to all of our soldiers and service men/women continuing to provide for our “certain unalienable Rights…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

“…I see hope. I see a new nation ready to take its place in the world, not an empire, but a republic. And a republic of laws, not men! Gentlemen, we are in the very midst of revolution; the most complete, unexpected and remarkable of any in the history of the world.  How few of the human race have ever had an opportunity of choosing a system of government for themselves and their children?” – John Adams, Speech to the Second Continental Congress, 1776

Happy Independence Day!!

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