Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Letter/Read-A-Thon Update!

To celebrate the end of a nutty week, and hopefully the start of a less stressful week/weekend (although I doubt it, but optimism is nice sometimes, or so I’ve heard), I’m linking up with Ashley at The Sweet Season for a Friday Letter to get some things out of my very confused and scrambled head and into real typed words on the screen. So…


Dear Readers, Sorry my posts haven’t been quite so useful this week. I’ll try harder next week.  Especially since FM should be back on leave sometime around then!  

Dear Family, Thanks for putting up with my erratic behavior and hasty decisions this week.  I know you’re only looking out for me, even if you are adding more stress to the situation at hand.

They also make me laugh hysterically sometimes.
Dear Sgt. [Name Removed for Personal Safety], WTF is your problem?? Sign the paperwork and let the man buy his plane ticket. Your procrastination is frustrating.  It is not anyone else’s fault that you wear fiberglass underwear and therefore have an itchy personality.  Be nicer!! 

Dear FM, Thank you for always understanding my general inability to make a solid decision.  I know I drive you nuts, yet you still like me.  Is that a personal choice for repeated torture or taking pity on the challenged?

I imagine that is the face you have given me this week.
Dear Dead Members of the First Continental Congress, You gave us a chance at freedom, tried to allow us to throw off the burdening chains of other nations. It’s not your fault we’re messing it up now. Please stop rolling in your graves. Oh, and thank you for the freedom! Some of us have forgotten that we had to fight for it, and continue to do so! 

Dear Mr. Carrier, I praise you for inventing air conditioning.  This crazy humid weather would be unbearable without you!

Dear Wine, Thank you for existing.
Dear Self, Congratulations on not imploding this week.  I'm very proud of you!

Summer Read-A-Thon Update:
Well, I am quite glad I did not make myself any promises for this Summer Read-A-Thon, even though I would have loved to plow through some more of the books on my shelf.  These things happen!

But, I am going to continue participating in the challenges, so here goes today’s from Love.Life.Read. (especially because I love puzzles and unscrambling words.  Yup, I’m a either nerd or a puzzle loving 20-something senior citizen. It’s ok, I have accepted both.).

Pick 5 from each month and unscramble them. Each grouping of letters is one word (and I have kept the words in order)
Put the answers in your blog post
Submit your answers below using the linky form

Are you brave enough to crack the codes? Without further ado, here at the titles:

May Titles:
1) hte   h5t   vewa
2) eht   scetrsahnen
3) ginwre
4) sujt   neo   skis
5) yan   shduesc  lwil   od
6) ti   dha   ot   eb    ]uyo
7) tols  dan   dfnuo
8) het   yelbon  gnki
9) neoc  noup   a   niprec
1.       The 5th Wave
2.       The Enchantress
3.       Winger
4.       Just One Kiss
5.       Any Duchess Will Do
6.       It Had To Be You
7.       Lost and Found
8.       The Boleyn King
9.       Once Upon a Prince

June Titles:
1) het   nomo   dan  remo 
2) egies  dna   ormts
3) rtas    dsceur 
4) teswe  lsat   ira 
5) het   crenwmeo
6) veorfre   oto   rfa
7) het  miatng   fo  deyrr  uanacvhga
8) wot  fo  a  dnki
9)  neo   etswe  deri
10) hwta  hte   kedu   sesdeir
11) kifagn   ti

1.       The Moon And More
2.       Siege and Storm
3.       Star Cursed
4.       Sweet Salt Air
5.       The Newcomer
6.       Forever Too Far
7.       The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh
8.       Two of a Kind
9.       One Sweet Ride
10.   What The Duke Desires
11.   Faking It
July Titles:
1) fi   het  ohes   tisf  
2) eth   eegd   fo  vnere
3) rfits  gisht   a   veonl 
4) utre   lvoe 
5) ehtre   tletil   rdswo 
6) eht   gniht  si  velia
7) feprcte  gifln 
8) scoeh  hte   gronw   ugy  
veag   imh  het  gwonr  gefrni      
9) meoh  ot   kewihsy   kecre

1.       If The Shoe Fits
2.       The Edge of Never
3.       First Sight: A Novel
4.       True Love
5.       Three Little Words
6.       The Night is Alive
7.       Perfect Fling
8.       Chose The Wrong Guy,
Gave Him The Wrong Finger
9.       Home To Whiskey Creek

August Titles:
1) lafl   fo   veif
2) wrnco    fo    gdminhit
3) hte   desah  fo  het   onom
4) sero  bahrro   ni  mlobo
5) eht   rohe
6) gib   ysk diwengd 
7) yatacasw  veoc  a  ltehrse  yab   venlo
8)  siht   rilg   a   veonl 
9) mtetapinto

1.       Fall Of Five
2.       Crown of Midnight
3.       The Shade of the Moon
4.       Rose Harbor in Bloom
5.       The Hero
6.       Big Sky Wedding
7.       Castaway Cove: A Shelter Bay Novel
8.       This Girl: A Novel
9.       Temptation

Have a beautiful weekend all!

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