Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid-night Milkshakes

One of the most delish things about upstate NY is Stewart’s Shops.  I am not usually one for convenience stores or 7-Eleven type places, but Stewart’s makes a killer milkshake in any flavor you like, hand spun.  And I like a good milkshake!!

Being that we are in the nether regions of the state this week, Stewart’s was a must stop (FM had been complaining about wanting a Stewart’s shake for the entirety of AIT).  However, I do prefer a milkshake at a reasonable hour.  FM, much akin to a hormonal pregnant woman, required that I get up off the couch at 10:00pm, pause the new episode of Catfish, i.e. my new favorite show, and get in the car for a 20 minute drive to satisfy his craving.  He’s lucky I like him :).   I guess I should be relieved that he didn’t request his milkshake with pickles, or some other random foods.  

It is nice to be back in the land of milkshakes though, and the look of happiness on his face as he sucked down his Birthday Cake was enough to make me forget how cranky I was to have to leave the house and how ecstatic I am to get to spend this leave time with him!! 

Yup, that clock says 10:09 PM.
Now, off to the farmer’s market and other upstate NY hijinks, assuming we do not pass out from the crazy temperatures of this east coast heat wave first! 

Hope you all have a great day, and don’t forget to stop by the Wednesday Walkabout, link up, and make some new friends.   Maybe they’ll want to go out for milkshakes in the middle of the night too!

Be well.

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  1. I wish I went to Stewart's when my soldier was upstate! I didn't think of it, but now that he's gone...I'm totally regretting it. I LOVE milkshakes!


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