Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Testing the Limits of My Ticker

First, a big super CONGRATULATIONS to FM for graduating from AIT this morning.  I do not have children (thankfully!), but I assume this insanely proud feeling is something parents must enjoy when their kids pee IN the potty or color pictures of bears that go shopping within the lines. I am very, very proud of you FM!!  I will post some pictures when he decides to be nice and share them with me! Until then, enjoy his “primping” picture pre-commencement.

And I imagine he just made this face after seeing that I posted that picture.  Sorry dear.
Yeah, I know you're watching me.
Second, I am pretty sure I just put myself through my very own, homemade stress test over the last three hours.  FM’s paperwork was blundered, yet again, leaving him without travel plans just hours before graduation.  So not only have we been trying to find a flight, which, at the 11th hour costs exactly $1Arm.1Leg1Spleen, but we have been attempting to get him from his current location to the airport, two hours away.  With no place to rest his head this evening and all Greyhound buses full, no running trains in the middle of the woods, rental cars pricing over $250, cabs looking for the other arm/leg, and airport shuttles jammed tight, this has been one HELL of an exercise in stress management and efficient archeological digging through the internet’s dusty labyrinth of transportation information.   Oh, and we still have yet to find him a seat on a plane.  I will now be searching into whether or not airlines allow passengers to ride on the wing if they promise to hold on tight.  The back-up plan will be a flying carpet, of course! 

So… I would like to take this time to sincerely thank the Army for giving me a super awesome stress test, making sure that my heart is in decent working order, my nerves are strung tight, and all of my hair has been removed from my scalp.  HOO-AHHHHH (insert scream face)!!! 

Thankfully, FM sent me a picture of the fortune he received out of his cookie a few days ago, which has kept me looking optimistically towards the start of his long awaited leave, even with all of this muck we have been wading through the past few hours.   

It had better!
I will now commence with drinking copious amounts of wine and practicing my deep breathing exercises! 

Have a wonderful rest of the day all! 

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  1. I giggled at this a little because it reminds me of days when every single long weekend seemed to be like that. It's always a pain in the ass, especially when it seems most important. Something always falls through the cracks and messes everything up. This is said in the most loving way possible, but get used to it :) lol. It's more of the same till he's out. I'm sorry it's got you so stressed out though. I remember feeling that way as well. I hope everything works out for you!

    1. Ha! I know, it's stressful in the moment, and as soon as everything is figured out AGAIN, it goes back to normal. Totally different kind of stress. And then we look back on it and say, "well that wasn't so bad!" I'm getting used to it, but I'm also very used to having my own way, and this is a total separation from that. Baby steps! :)

  2. Congrats to your man! :) It is a proud accomplishment!


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