Tuesday, August 6, 2013

9 to 5 Job Search

Due to the sheer insanity that has been occurring lately (you know, the time where FM and I hadn’t spent more than 5 minutes together and then BAM! we’re engaged, and married, and he’s moving overseas… if you don’t know you can read it here, and here) I have had no time to think intelligently, therefore, no job applications have been submitted in quite a while.

I finally sat down yesterday with the hopes of turning finding a job into a full-time job, with a twist. Allow me to explain.  Previously, I would attack finding a job rather veraciously, spend all day, every day, trying to find positions, apply, chew at the growing list of jobs I had created for myself until I had gobbled them all up, Hungry, Hungry Hippos style. Decent plan, if you’re interested in burning out by Wednesday! I became far too frustrated each week that the next week I would get very little to no gobbling done (especially if there was something going on with FM that needed my attention, or there was a PLL marathon, or some other random thing caught my attention to distract me).

Clearly, there was a change in eating habits needed! So, as I stepped up to the table to attack my challenge yet again, I decided to amend my eating plan and go on a strict diet. I am now going to treat finding a job like a full-time job, meaning I will find job ads, make job related phone calls, send out my resume, complete applications, and finish all other job-finding tasks  between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, with a lunch break.  This way, work gets done, I feel productive, I do not stress about getting everything done in one day, and I still get some time to do whatever, unwind, blog, read, at the end of the day.  Solid plan, right?

Let’s hope so, because I started it yesterday, and I must say, it does feel a whole lot less stressful!

What are your tips/tricks for the job search if you have recently been through this annoying process?  Or, if you’re still in the midst of it, how do you stay sane/budget your time?

So… off I go on my merry way for the day into the magical world of LinkedIn and others. And I will spend time after 5 PM hopping around the new Bloody Marys Count as a Salad hop.
You should head over too!

Be well!

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  1. my job search lasted for over a year, so I can understand the nausea that ensues when undergoing that process. I had to just carve out time each day to focus on it and not become consumed with the fact I wasn't hearing back immediately after a sent a resume. I signed up for a local job boards that would email me each time a job within my qualifications popped up. This really helped lessen the stress of searching. I would also reach out to people you may know in the area or the field you are hopping to get into. The job I got was never posted on a board and I got strictly from word of mouth and recommendation. Since you are now a military spouse, you can also get a lot of resources from the military. You might check out your base's community and find the family support center. They also sent me information and forwarded my resume to a couple places, and they generally have a lot of job fairs every month that you can attend.

    1. I love the job board searches, they do take a lot of stress out of finding certain positions. And unfortunately, new husband is stationed overseas, and I'm in the US, so there's no "home base" right now to pick the brain of/head to job fairs for, but I'm looking forward to taking advantage of that wherever we move next :)! It's good to know that somebody had a positive experience w/ the assistance they offer.


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