Friday, August 9, 2013

Ahh Friday!

Today seems like a great day for a Friday letter!


Dear Home Phone company:  Thanks for finally letting FM’s overseas calls through that strange call block.  It’s hard enough talking at all weird hours of the day without worrying about overages on the cell.

Dear FM: I love you, even if you leave me with 1,000 financial issues to deal with while you’re away.  Expect retribution someday in the form of laundry or dishes!

They're about to!
Dear Mrs. L:  Thank you for this fantastically cute card that I still can’t get enough of.

I wish I had patience for these things!

Dear Huck: I’m glad your Caudal fin is growing back.  I was sort of worried that it would all rot away and you’d be sad.

Dear Job Search: YOU SUCK!

Dear Sinuses: Is there any way you could stop being so angry at the barometric pressure and quit making my head feel like a balloon or pushing on my teeth until they ache?  I would really appreciate it if you could manage that. Thanks!

Dear Target: You’re effing awesome for selling me a 6 pack of Bic Soleil razors for $0.78.  It really made my Wednesday! 

Dear #backthatazzup:  Thanks for making me feel better about all of these things.

Have a great Friday all!
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  1. My sinuses have been bugging me too! And my husband's all the way in! Hope you feel better soon!


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