Thursday, August 15, 2013

Behind Every Good Military Blog is a Good Man

Well maybe not every blog, but most!  
I talk tons about myself, my struggles, and my outlook on things.  And while I try to include FM and his thoughts/opinions, I often just end up back at me.  Hey, let’s be fair, I’m the one typing away here, posting it all for you lovely people, finding pretty pictures to dazzle your senses, so why shouldn’t I talk about myself more?  But FM’s a pretty cool guy, and I feel like everyone should get a chance to know him a little better, so much to his chagrin I have roped him into this little space on the internet, and coerced him into giving me the answers to the questions posed on this month’s Boys Behind the Blog.  (It really didn’t take much.  I still don’t know how I manage to talk him into doing things he otherwise despises. He likes me I guess!) 

Boys Behind The Blog

I love the concept of this blog hop, and I am excited to see what the boys/men that support most of the beautiful bloggers I follow have to say! And if you’re reading this and don’t have a boy behind the blog, well you just feel free to put on your big girl pants and answer the questions yourself down below.  No shame! 

So, let’s get a spotlight on the main character here….

Ahhh, that’s better! 

And away we go…
(my reactions in italics)

What would you do with $1,000,000?
 I would invest the million so I could live on the interest later.

Really? I feel like this answer would have been far different just a short time ago.  But I’m completely fine with fiscal responsibility.  Bring on that Powerball!

What is your dream job?
Research scientist finding new energy sources.

I just love that he wants to save the planet.  Even if I’m too frustrated to clean & recycle that disgusting mayo container sometimes…

Who is your celebrity crush?
Kristen Bell.

I have known this for a long time, but I still don’t understand it.  I guess it’s the whole girl next door thing. Whatever. At least it’s not a Kardashian (UCK!).
Don't forget about your love affair with
Ms. Swift!

What is your favorite sports team?
Buffalo Sabres.

And that’s why most of the fights in our house happen around hockey season.  By the way, the Flyers are still far better even if you have, arguably, the best goalie in the league. 

What was your AOL/AIM screen name back in the day?

Inventive dear!

And that’s some info about the man-soldier behind this blog.  He’s a nice guy, and I’m hoping to bribe him into doing more of these link-ups with me… or at least consulting him on a topic here and there.

Head on over and link up your man-friend’s answers, hop around, and make some new friends! Yay friends!

And stay tuned! I promise to have that job fair update for you tomorrow, along with my loves and hates of the event!

Be well.

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