Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blogging Survival Tips

Well, here it is. The final Wednesday Walkabout.  I have no problem telling you this is one of my favorite blog hops and I’m rather sad to see it go!

I’ve only been blogging for a little over four months, but I have found some wonderful blogs  with great people behind them, many of that due to this blog hop.

So today, in its’ honor, I feel it is appropriate to share the TOP 5 biggest tips, tricks, and otherwise survival tools of being a first time blogger, and what I’ve come to learn so far.

Blog hop, link up, participate, comment – four simple rules to getting people to like you.  Kidding. Sort of.  The more you reach your little blogger tentacles out there to others, the more they’ll do it back to you.  So if you’re writing and want other people to actually read it (I mean that is the point right?), make sure you’re giving the same courtesy to others.  Comment on their posts.  If you love them, follow their blog (the ultimate comment).  Join blog hops, and actually hop around to different blogs.  Don’t be the limp noodle that just links up expecting people to come from far and wide to your little blog nook just because you linked up.  Think of blog hopping as a two way street, you just need to make sure you keep the right of way. Take the lead, and others will show you the same respect.


Join Bloglovin’ – or an equally simple site to keep everything in one place and nice and neat.  When I started, I saw that GFC was being phased out, so I decided not to bother with it, and went with Bloglovin’ all the way.  I absolutely love that I can categorize the blogs I follow however I want, read everything from my homepage with just a click, and market myself with all of these wonderful cute little buttons that I can stick wherever I want (that sounded inappropriate, sorry!).  See….

Follow on BloglovinFollow on Bloglovin

Write honestly – that was your main goal when you started, right? To write about what you wanted, no holding back, because the internet is a fairytale land and nobody knows who you really are… If you turned to the internet to write real life stories, give advice, share your knowledge of the world, or make people happy with tons of giveaways, then do it right, honest, and true.  Otherwise, your followers will start to see right through your mask of deception and lies, and then you’ll be friendless and sad like Kip Drordy on that episode of South Park (if you haven’t seen it, then you should watch it.)

Pictures – A picture is worth 1,000 words right?  Well, it does the same thing for your blog when you add them to a post.  Pictures draw your readers in, because let’s face it, we’re all at least a little bit nosey about each other’s lives and want to see what’s going on.  It’s ok to admit it. I’ll go ahead and say it, sometimes I look at all of the pictures before I go back and read the post. So make sure you’re putting up intriguing photos, and spruce them up a bit with pretty corners, or make them look like old fashioned Polaroid’s (actually, I remember when Polaroid’s were used fairly often, which makes me old and now sadly nostalgic), or add some fun little doodles, banners, or words.  Check out, it’s my clear favorite, but you can use whatever program you so choose.

Sponsorships – I am super excited to be getting into sponsorships, and to start off I’m just going to be button swapping with a few different choice bloggers very soon (like when I have 2 minutes to breathe).  But I didn’t want to start this process until I had a ton of background information and now I do!  Sponsorships make people come to your blog!! You put a well made button on the side of one of your favorite blogger's page and BAM! your name is out there and linked right to you on the sidebar.  Seems like a pretty sweet deal right!?  So read up on your fav bloggers, perhaps they have an area dedicated to button swapping, and if not, shoot them some comment love or an email and flat out ask if they’d like to trade.  It’s sort of like Pokémon cards, you always wanted to be the kid who had the really awesome ones, so be the kid who sponsors some awesome pages and you’ll get the viewership in return, and perhaps some new friends.  Disclaimer: I never played with Pokémon cards, so I can’t name the best ones, sorry, but I understand that’s how it all worked.

Grab button for Going Green: Our Army Adventure

<div class="Going-Green:-Our-Army-Adventure-button" style="width: 185px; margin: 0 auto;">
<a href="" rel="nofollow">
<img src="" alt="Going Green: Our Army Adventure" width="185" height="221" />

Go ahead, grab it!!

What do you think are the best tips for blogging?  How did you get started and how do you keep yourself fresh and connected with other bloggers?  Share the knowledge love...

So sit back, grab your morning coffee, and hop to it today for the very last Wednesday Walkabout, and Wildcard Wednesday, two awesome hops that I love! 

And don’t forget those tips, or you may turn into our friend Kip Drodry.  Probably not, but better not chance it!

Have a great hump day!

Couldn't help myself!!

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