Monday, August 19, 2013

Cheap Wine for a Good Weekend Time

This weekend was full of irritating paperwork that needed to get done, and doing some background research into a few new job leads.  BORINGGGGG.

But I can’t say it was all a wash.  

Sami's Shenanigans

Here’s the recap of the Weekend Shenanigans:

1&2.  If you know me, you know that I am a GIGANTIC fan of Sonic.  Thursday was ½ price cheeseburger day celebrating back to school, and while I am no longer celebrating getting back to drinking Thursday-Monday or dreading back to school like the plague, I am more than happy to benefit from it deliciously.  And so were my sister/mom.  So we made it a girls date! Love it!
3.  Thursday night there was this super strange sky situation going on.  All clear except for this one pocket of fluffy stuff.  Actually, it looked just like Fluffy Stuff, the cotton candy.  Strange!
4. Friday night I had a much needed, and fantastically successful de-stressing date with my bestest BFF.  While we were throwing back plenty of the adult apple juice, we found this picture from when we were doing same thing back in the day, 2006 to be exact.  Saddest part??  We were probably more drunk in this picture as seniors in high school than we were at 25 that night.  Oh, adulthood…
5. Who can resist some grilled hot wings?? Not me! Especially if they’re enjoyed on a beautiful 65 degree night with your sister on the patio.  It’s hard to beat some quality sibling time.
6.  This bottle was a super quality purchase on a whim.  I typically don’t go for the $5.00 bottles but, hey, what the hay! Turned out to be insanely good, and even better when I finished the entire bottle in one night.  Don’t judge! 

7.  AND I got to Skype with this guy.  FINALLY! Only took us 2 weeks to get the universe to stop plotting against us.

So I’m sad to report, another weekend gone by taking care of some business.  But it’s not all bad, I had a back-up bottle of wine, so we’re all good!

What are your thoughts on lazy wine weekends?
And, how do you feel about too-good-to-be-true priced bottles of wine?

Yea or nay?!

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