Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Job Safari, How the Military Wants to Help You Hunt!

So as many of you may know, I have been on the job hunt, now more like job poaching, since I moved back “home” when FM left for BCT.  For those of you who are just joining us, (1) Welcome!, glad you’ve jumped on board this crazy train and (2) check out my love for the current job market here and here.  

I have certainly earned my pith helmet and blunderbuss from the massive amount of job poaching I have been safari-ing on lately, and I know many of you have had the same frustrations luring your prey to the hiring table, especially if you are military or a military spouse.  So, today I am beyond pleased to share a new job hunting tool with you that I recently found, and super excited to start stalking.

This is me if I had a giant commanding mustache and
a monocle.  Going to need to look into that!

A few days ago, my local newspaper ran a small article on a job fair coming to town.  As of late I have simply been ignoring these ads because hey, let’s face it, how many people are actually going to end up with a job from one of those giant rhino herding events?  I’ll answer that since I have been to my share… not many! Sure you can make some contacts, but contacts do not always lead to dollars in paychecks.   However, I read it, just for giggles.  

This particular fair is focusing on finding jobs for soldiers and their milSOs.  Ok… I’m listening…

The company sponsoring the event is called Hiring Our Heroes, run by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and attempts to assist veterans and spouses in finding employment through their expansive network of contacts.  They hold fairs all over the U S of A, and pride themselves on placing over 18,000 soldiers and military spouses in positions. 

So I explored the company/site for all of you, and I must say it does look mildly promising depending on the field of employment you’re looking to enter.  I plan to head to the event being offered in a city close by tomorrow, where employers range from local federal credit unions/banks and law firms, to national companies like Verizon and Adecco.  I cannot say that I have extensively high hopes for this particular venture because the fields I would be most interested in probably will not have a representative in attendance, but it will be a good way to test the waters as to what the military has to offer for a jobless spouse.   And, if nothing else, a great opportunity for me to share my efforts with the blogging community.  So you’re welcome, in advance, for scouting this one out! You can check out their services, and where they are holding the next fair here.

FM was also kind enough to pass along a website he was directed to, for my benefit I assume, which focuses on finding jobs for ex-military personnel and spouses.  Little did he know it was the sister-site to the career fair that I am attending tomorrow, but this site allows you to search for jobs in your zebra print jammies (not that there’s anything wrong with that), much like trolling  (Speaking of which, that’s another site great for veterans & civilians, but focuses on governmental jobs.  So if you’re not into working for The People, then skip it!)   Head over to Hero 2 Hired, where you can upload your obviously stunning resume, or build one if you’ve been living under a rock for a while or staying at home with the kiddos, review some interviewing/networking strategies, and start searching though jobs in your ‘hood.  Or if you’re PCSing soon, start searching for jobs at your new location.  Either way, it is yet another resource aimed at getting veterans and their better halves some gainful employment.   

Hopefully my trek through the job jungle goes well tomorrow and I will have a fantastic safari experience to share with you.  If not, I’m sure it will at least make for a few laughs, or suggestions not to attend future events!  Stick around to find out!

Until then…

What are some of your tips and tricks for the job hunt?  Have you ever used either of these military resources?  What was your experience?

Oh, and P.S., poaching is bad. Let’s not do that! Leave the rhinos and elephants alone. K, thanks! 

Have a great Wednesday! 

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