Monday, August 12, 2013

Lazy Weekend Recap

This was quite the quiet weekend around these parts, at least in comparison to the last few crazies, and I honestly had the best time just enjoying the semi-serenity.

Here’s the shenanigans recap:

I started off the weekend right by eating my weight in these.  I had a serious craving for some peanut butter cups and downed four in a little under an hour.  And I don’t even feel bad about it! 

I topped those off with quite a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon, and I was doing fantastic by the end of Saturday! 

I started a new book, The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan, and due to my addiction to the public library and the newness of the book, I’m on a 7 day time clock to finish it.  So I am trying my hardest to get it done.  The bonus is, it’s pretty good, so it’s not that much of a task to read all day! 

It was also an absolutely gorgeous weekend here, not all too hot, and pretty mild on the humidity, so other than the incessant blood sucking bugs, it was fantastic for outside reading time.  By the way, thanks Superstorm Sandy for increasing the bug population this year, my arms and legs are really enjoying that present (among others)!! 

Also found this gem outside! I love when they pop open, even if it’s only for a day! 

Sunday I was fortunate enough to hang out with this super stud.  What a cutie! 

That would be my grandpa, in case you were
And the impromptu BBQ totally hit the spot with some awesome red-skinned potato salad, topped off with a fantastic craft beer from New Hampshire.  Random? Yup. Delish? Yup!

Oh and let’s not forget the quality pool lounging time on the most comfortable floatation device ever (Complete with cup holders. WIN!).  And I got a special visit while floating around in the form of a blue dragonfly; grandma was certainly around checking things out down here in insect form. Warmed my heart a bit (even if I am over thinking the significance behind it landing on me)!

And that's about all, other than some much needed catching up with FM while he had some down time.  Oh, and actually starting to come up with some ideas for this wedding I am supposed to be planning... 

What was the highlight of your weekends?

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Have a happy Monday!

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