Friday, August 2, 2013

Marriage Role Models

As I sit here sorting through pictures of our harried but beautiful civil ceremony, I cannot help but be awed and hopeful to live up to the fine examples of marriage set before FM and me.  

My parents have been married thirty-two years.  They have their moments, but when it truly comes down to it they love each other more than words can say, and have nothing but appreciation and admiration for the other.  The same is true of FM’s parents, married thirty-one years.  Both sets are fantastic examples of what we are aiming for as a newly married couple. 

And while both sets are striking models of a solid and enduring marriage, they pale in comparison to the length of time my paternal grandparents spent together. Yesterday would have been their 60th wedding anniversary.  My grandmother passed away just a few months shy of the big day, and we have been spending a decent amount of time lately discussing their past and their relationship. 

They met at fourteen.  They were childhood friends.  They wanted to marry much like FM and I did, in a quick ceremony at a church before my grandfather was sent overseas during the Korean War.  Their families disapproved, and they begrudgingly waited.  When the war concluded, he came home, and they were married soon after.  Sixty years later, as she lay in a hospital room in her final hours, she waited for him to tell her it was ok to leave.  Every decision they made, they made together, and every step they took included the other, right down to the last and final task.  

If my relationship and marriage with FM is even half as loving, caring, considerate, giving, compassionate, and selfless as theirs was for sixty years, I will consider it an excellent success. 

Today is dedicated to these two people. 

Happy 60th Anniversary to my marriage role models!

And a very happy Friday all!

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  1. This post warms my heart. I think it's so valuable to have such role models for marriage. I'm glad you did. I think it's not as common as a person would hope. Cheers to many happy years with your love :)


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