Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Recipe to Pulling Off a Civil Ceremony in 24 Hours

I know some of you are sending your congratulations, which we appreciate immensely, so thank you! 

Others are wondering how the H-E-DoubleHockeySticks we pulled this off on such short notice… well here’s the recipe. Buckle in, it’s a doosy!

What you will need:
1 Whole Bride
1 Whole Groom
1 Whole Mayor
1 Closed Town Court building on a Monday night
2 Rings, ordered blindly
2 Confused, overbearing, judgmental parents
1 Restaurant willing to cater to 20 guests the morning of the event
1 Flower shop creating a last minute bouquet (optional garnish)
A dash of very close friends and family
A healthy handful of equally confused extended family/friends
1 “We’re Married” announcement (optional finish)

Warning: This recipe may create a spicy backlash from uninvited dinner party members

Step 1:  Prep the location

First, while away on vacation upstate, Bride should obtain phone numbers of local Town Halls, Court Houses, Justices, etc. that would be willing to cook up a civil ceremony on short notice while Groom is home on leave. 

Search feverishly through Chef’s handbook to have great excuse to feed anyone who answers the phone.  

After many attempts at luring your prey, snare one into working with you within your time constraints, on the day you want (which will be no easy task considering the work/social schedules of your kitchen staff/diners).  Agree to create recipe with town Mayor on a Monday night at 5pm, after Town Court has closed for the day.

You have finished with Step 1.  Inhale deeply and expect difficulty in prepping Step 2.

Step 2: Season the Dinner Guests

Return from vacation late Saturday night, 40 hours before ceremony.

Hold off seasoning until the perfect moment to tell 2 confused, overbearing, judgmental parents that still have trouble viewing you as an adult even though you are twenty-five and have been out on your own for seven years.



Kitchen staff is very busy all day Sunday, must get plates out before accepting new orders.
Hold until Sunday evening at 10:30pm.  Sit down to discuss recipe plans with 2 confused, overbearing, judgmental parents.  Prepare for possible kitchen injury. 

Season heavily.  When completely seasoned and reassured that 2 confused, overbearing, judgmental parents are ready to cook the next day by 5pm, go to bed, let rest.

Step 3: Publically marinate recipe plans

After resting overnight, begin prep work early Monday morning.  

Add A dash of very close friends and family that could attend the party by 5pm. 

Add 1 Restaurant willing to cater to 20 guests the morning of the event.

Add 1 Flower shop creating a last minute bouquet. (optional garnish)

Puree together hastily and arrive at location.

Step 4: Caramelize at the Court House

Assemble at 1 Closed Town Court building on a Monday night.  Oversee mixing of ingredients while opening locked door for each guest.

Blend 1 Whole Mayor, 1 Bride, 1 Groom, a dash of very close friends and family, and 1 last minute bouquet together.

Garnish with 2 rings, ordered blindly

Caramelize into beautiful ceremony. 

Finish with an “I Do.”

Step 5:  Enjoy

Proceed to enjoy the caramelized marriage creation with A dash of very close friends and family at 1 Restaurant willing to cater to 20 guests the morning of the event.  

Step 6: Prepare to clean the kitchen

Be aware that this recipe may, at times, get your kitchen very messy, and your staff may get burned.  Have patches, towels, and cold water on hand to quell possible grease fires.

Also be prepared for A healthy handful of equally confused extended family/friends when your photos are posted to social media sites the day after your recipe is finished, without your knowledge, and before you had a chance to explain the recipe to A healthy handful of equally confused extended family/friends.

If necessary, simmer grease fire with 1 “We’re Married” announcement by mail, with a promise to hold another dinner party, with a more inclusive recipe, in the near future.

And that’s how you rock a civil ceremony in 24 hours!!

It was a little more batty than that, and a few extra details were included (like how I told my best friend at 9am Monday morning that I was getting married at five and she immediately got in the car and drove five hours from Maryland to be there… that’s why she’s my best friend!).

The best best-friend!
But overall, that’s how it went.  Bottom line is, we’re totally happy. And thrilled to be married. And excited to start planning Wedding Part Deux.  And all that other mushy sctuff! 

And to those that don’t understand our choice… oh well! You follow your recipe, I’ll follow mine!

P.S. I'm also linking up with Sarah over at Life in a Break Down today to try and liven up my blogging weekend with the I Love My Post blog hop.  Head over and link up your fav post of the week (mine happens to be this one)! See ya there! 

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  1. Okay, seriously?! I waited a solid five months before beginning to plan my wedding and I was still stressed. It sounds like you navigated planning so smoothly! Congrats on being the bomb and becoming a Mrs! :)

    1. It wasn't what we always wanted, but it got the job done before he went overseas... I'll let you know if I have the same ease in planning Wedding Part II (although I doubt I will!)

  2. Congrats! :) I hope nobody takes it too personally that they weren't invited!

    1. Thank you! Thankfully most people have been understanding and are just looking forward to re-celebrating next year, so we're quite happy with that. The one complaint we had was dealt with, but there's always going to be someone unhappy with your choice! And we move on...

  3. Ok, sorry for the flood of comments, but I clearly missed the memo on this!! CONGRATS!! My husband and I did the exact same thing...except I had a couple months to schedule a judge on the weekend before Christmas (and just a week before going to Korea)!! Welcome to military wifedom! :)

    1. We had all of 17 days to figure everything out, and only knew 24 hours before that it would actually take place. A couple of months would have looked like a pleasure cruise, I'm jealous! But it all worked out. And now they're both relegated to the same area!


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