Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blogtember Catch-up

Oh man, I’m behind in Blogtember already! Jeez!

Well that tree in the backyard didn’t really make for fun times, so let’s do this real quick and catch up.
September 3rd: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

This one’s pretty simple.  I was born on Long Island… I’m sorry, LAWNGUYLAND…NY.  I LOVEEE where I am from, and have no shame about my “accent” or excessively talking with my hands.  Get over it!  Actually, when I moved to Albany I sort of generalized my dialect, and it’s not quite so prevalent as it once was, but make me angry or get me all excited about a fantastic pair of pumps or something, and you’ll get a decent helping of cawfees from new yowk, or I’ll tell you awl about my dawg, have no fear.  

I am no more than 15 minutes from a beach, 45 minutes from one of the greatest cities in the WORLD, and within short driving distance to whatever attraction or shopping mall I may want, even if I drive there in a ton of traffic driving like maniacs racing in the Indy 500 (yes, we drive nutty.  If you can’t handle it, I suggest taking the train, no one will take pity on you).

Let me tell you, driving over that bridge to the
beach doing 80mph at night, good LI times.

I’ve lived in the same house since I was a child, and now that I’ve reluctantly moved back home, I reside back in my childhood bedroom.  That’s a fun topic, but we’ll just leave it alone for now.  

These people live here too…

…and as much as I have delusions of making them disappear sometimes, I would be NOWHERE without them.  As far as family goes, I hit the lottery, and would be half the person I am without them. 

September 4thIf you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

Oh, that’s a rough one right now.  If I could take three months off, and be totally financially sound (which, I am clearly not), then I would go spend some time with FM traveling around the world and drinking expensive foreign wines.  

I spent a ton of time studying the country of Cyprus in college, so we would probably head there for a bit, since he’s so nicely offered to go there anytime I want (Yup, even for a honeymoon.  Yup, I really like him!). 

There's Cyprus!  Hanging out in the Mediterranean Sea,
amongst all the countries that are under civil unrest.
Between the historic ancient ruins and the beautiful
sea/beaches, how could you NOT want to visit Cyprus?

But I’d love to visit Italy, Germany, and Spain to see the towns my family came from and unearth some of my roots. 

Then again, three months spent with FM at home would be pretty nice these days too!

September 5thPass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

One of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever received came from this man.

Don't mind our super happy smiles...
it was a long day!
After he had had a couple of strokes, and was getting close to the end of his life, he started repeating a phrase in response to many different touchy situations going on at the time…

“It all works out.”

I have kept that with me for ten years.  Since the day he left us, in what I assure you, was an amazingly powerful way (a story better suited for another time), I have remembered that phrase, and reminded myself of it time after time when something wasn’t going my way and I felt like throwing up my hands or crying in a corner. 

It does all work out, one way or another, and whatever way that may be, you need to keep pressing forward.   It is sound advice that I will hold onto forever, and that I certainly plan on impressing upon my children, grandchildren, etc.

I miss him terribly, and would give up so many things to have him back, to have him here to see me be married, to meet FM, to see me be smart and well educated and successful.  But, I must remember, “it all works out.”  

And hopefully you’re not all melancholy and sad now, like me, because I have a wonderful offer…

I have three invites from the Influenster Invitational to send off to those who may be interested!  This is an awesome program to get in on reviewing products, and the one behind the coveted Voxboxes, so you definitely want to be involved in this!

If you are, send me an email, or leave a comment, and I’ll set them out to whoever gets the requests in first! (although I’ll try to accommodate anyone).

Also, don’t forget to link up with the Thursday Lovely Blog Hop and make some new friends!! I love this hop!

Her & Nicole

Here’s hoping for a better time keeping up with Blogtember!


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