Monday, September 9, 2013

Double Up Monday

I’m doubling my blog bets today by doing a link-up and a Blogtember post, mostly because my plan-ahead light was turned off last week and I got a little backed up.

So, this Monday I’m linking up for my first Weekly Wishes with Melyssa at The Nectar Collective, because  she is all about positivity and gratitude, and I feel like I need a little bit of that in my life right now!!  On we go…

This week I want to:

I) Get a little more positivity going about this overseas hardship tour with FM.  We were okay for the first month, but we’ve both been falling into a little tiny funk the last week or so, and I want to pull out of that and keep seeing this positively.  I also want to put up another post this week about how we’re doing this and trying to be each other’s cheerleader and morale during this tough time.

Let's face it, our dates are not what they used to be!

II) Start rocking at my new job.  I’m pretty much done with “training” and I really want to get into the thick of things because I’m getting super excited about how well I can do this job.  I also want to make sure I get a post up about the big girl position, because I promised you, my bloggy friends, that I would.

(As long as you don't take my stapler)
I’m going to start off with a few attainable goals and see how this goes, at least until I get a routine down between job, life, blog, friends, family, and sleep!  Then we’ll work on some more of those lofty one hanging around for a while there!

I’m also really trying to be good at the Blogtember thing, I swear! I’m doing all of the prompts, just squeezing them into more than one day!  Yes, I know it’s pretty much cheating, but I’m really trying to get on track, I swear!  Hopefully I can catch up on some blog duties this weekend to be ahead of the game…

Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.

October 29th 2012, the day Hurricane Sandy attacked NY/NJ.  Fortunately for me and FM we were upstate at the time, and we barely had any related storm issues.  But it was super stressful sitting around there knowing that my mom and sister were home on Long Island alone to wait out the storm’s end, while my dad was stuck at work for multiple days on end at the major utility company in NYC trying to keep the lights and generators running. I felt so helpless not being able to be around for them, and of course nervous for their safety and the house!

And as scary as that was, it’s even scarier that almost a year later there are people still out of a place to live, huddled up in FEMA trailers, if they’re lucky, waiting on some far off insurance company to deny them a few of their rightful pennies to get their lives back in order.  

Long Island Disaster Relief fund could still use some donations and help! Consider give up some funds, goods, or time to help the people that are still in need on their Facebook page!!

Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results.

So apparently I’m an ENFJ (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging).

What does that mean? Well apparently I:
-Have a ton of charisma
-Know how to make people like me, but not in a scary/creepy way
-See the big picture of the world
-Juggle a ton of responsibilities at one time
-Like to organize things
-Draw quick conclusions about people, ie. I’m a Judgeapotamus
-Put others before me, forget about myself

Pretty much all true. 

I am most happy to be among the ranks of fellow ENFJ’s like:
Honest Abe Lincoln (quite possibly my favorite President)
Ronald Regan
Dick Van Dyke
Sean Connery
Andy Griffeth
Diane Sawyer
Tommy Lee Jones
Lauren Graham
…among others

Have a great Monday all! And don’t forget to link up your Weekly Wishes, and hop around The Collective!

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