Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Wishes

Happy Monday all. Well maybe it’s not all too happy, but I’m writing this on a Saturday, so Monday is like forever and a day away!

Let’s check in on our Weekly Wishes productivity rate from last week…

Do something Fall related
I did, indeed, get a six pack of Sam’s Octoberfest and drink it up!  Doesn’t really get more fall related. Except for apple picking, which I’m totally doing next weekend and am jumping around like a small child in anticipation.  I also whipped up a pot of homemade pasta sauce for dinner Saturday since the temperature dropped enough this week to make it tolerable to slave over the stove, and it was well worth the 3 hour cook time! And I picked up this Juicy Cranberry candle that I am obsessed with!!

Set up sponsorship for the blog
I am working on rearranging things for sponsorship space as we speak! WOOO exciting! Get at me if you would like to swap buttons since I refuse to make anyone pay for ads at this stage in this little blog’s game. AND I will certainly remember who my first sponsorship swappers were if I ever do decide to charge. Have no fear, elephants never forget!

Schedule posts
I scheduled every one of my posts last week at least 2 days ahead of time.  Some I only have to add pictures and such.  I am a proud lady! And it definitely gave me time to hang out around the blog hops and breathe a little after work. Love it!

So what am I challenging myself to this week!?  well…

I would like to go apple picking
I want to go so insanely bad.  And I’m also waiting to send FM a care package so I can include some fresh Fall apple goodies in the box, so it’s critical to get to the orchard soon both for my sanity and for FM’s present!

Part 2: Put together FM’s package
I want to have that pretty box of awesomeness ready to go.  I’ve already got a lot of stuff to go in there, but there’s still a few things to grab, and I want to decorate it all nice, because who wants to get just a plain box w/ things in it?! (I mean I’m sure he won’t return it or anything, but it’ll be nicer all spiffed up)

I want to get out more
I come home after work and want to pass out most days, and the weekends are usually reserved for talking to FM and working on the blog, and perhaps relaxing a little.  But I don’t get to see my friends as often as I would like/should and I need to get on that!

I have to say, I have really fallen in love with this hop because I feel accountable to what I want to accomplish if I write it down.  It’s been doing wonders to keep me on track so far, and it really just as simple as putting it in writing and holding myself responsible to it.  Love it!

Have a great Monday everyone, and best of luck completing your weekly goals.

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