Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally, a Job Update + Blogtember

I am EXHAUSTED! but I am determined to get this post in by the end of the week because I feel accountable to my Weekly Wishes.  Definitely glad I set some goals for myself this week because it really is getting me to complete things I would have otherwise ignored or put off. Yay!

I promised that I would share about the new job that I started a few weeks ago… and I’m darn well gonna do it since I spent quite a few posts talking about how much unemployment stinks like low tide and job searching reeks like rotten Tuna.  If you’re interested in the before time posts, check here and here.  (There’s certainly a few good tips on finding a job there too!)

So, the job… I was hired as a Prevention Education Coordinator for a local
non-profit group that is doing fantastic work in the community.  The nature of the job is somewhat confidential, and I do like to keep a tad bit of anonymity, so I won’t tell you what the group is, but just know we’re doing  great work to help prevent and educate the community about sexual abuse, molestation, and dating violence. 

Essentially, I make sure that we are getting our name out to the community, that the community knows we are there for them when a sex offender moves into the precious boundaries of their neighborhood, and I present educational programs to children and parents on how to remain safe.

I’m loving what I am doing, and like many of the other charitable things I have done in the past, I feel like I am truly making a difference, even though I just started and spent two weeks in learn-by-example training.  Unlike my previous jobs in retail, advertising, or finance, I don’t come home all cranky and geared up (except when there’s a ton of traffic and it takes me an hour to get home, because Long Island is full of people who don’t like to carpool), and I don’t hate getting up for work the next day!  It’s a great feeling to actually be doing something you like. I’m finding it quite novel, and I’m really enjoying it!

So while I’m not teaching college students about ancient human remains from Before the Common Era, I am teaching something, and sharpening those professorial skills, while helping out a great cause.  WIN!

And that’s my job! I’m sure I’ll have more updates as I get further into it… but for now, enjoy the tidbit!  

I just realized I used a ton of exclamation points in that first part there, phew, sorry! Guess I’m just really excited! Oops, there’s a few more…

And because I’m trying to be a good Blogtember blogger, I’ll sneak this in here too…

Friday, September 13: A self portrait

I’m not a terrible artist, but I certainly am not a good one either. And I don’t excel in painting humans.  So I’m going to going to go ahead and interpret this as “a picture of yourself that you don’t hate… preferably taken by you (otherwise known as a “selfie”).”  Sound good? Ok, cool!

Tan and happy. Probably one of FM's favorite
pics, and one of my favorite selfies.

Loved this haircut.  That reminds me...

Flashing that patriotism for Memorial Day.
Loved this outfit! And how much weight I
lost to look this skinny!

And for giggles, I do love this selfie photobomb with my main man, FM.

What is it about your favorite picture of yourself that makes you love it so much?
And does anyone actually have a painted portrait of themselves anymore?

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Have a great Friday all!
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