Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Snail Mail Reveal

So, as some of you who have been following along know, I have been participating in my first Snail Mail Collective this month thanks to Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective (seriously, go check her out, like, now!) and Chelsea at Lost in Travels. 

I absolutely love the idea of this, and if you couldn’t already tell from some of my posts on sending mail to FM at BCT (you can read it here and here), I love getting snail mail.  I think it’s a seriously lost form of communication, and I’m so glad to have a hand in bringing it back to life a little bit, even if I am a little disturbed by the prices the US Postal Service charges for their services, sheesh! 

If you don’t know how the dealio works, here’s a quick overview:
you sign up at the beginning of the month with either Melyssa or Chelsea at Lost in Travels, they use their expert talents to attempt to pair you with someone outside your home country or at least quite far away, and then you basically stalk that person and their blog for the rest of the month, getting to know them and their lifestyle.  At the end of the month you send each other a small token of your affections from your homeland, around $5, based on the theme for the month, and create a pretty little post on the 1st of the next month as a giant shout out to your new blogger BFF and the collective in general.  Got it?!? Sweet, let’s move on.

My blogger BFF this month was Ms. Brittney at One&20.  I have LOVED following her. She’s a sassy lady who loves a good glass of wine (uh, who doesn’t?) from the great state of Texas, where she teaches our nation’s youth day in and day out, and actually likes it. You go Glen Coco!  ‘cuase I seriously don’t know that I’d have that sort of patience for teaching kids!  


She blogs about everything from sweet style, to hip hair and traipsing travels, and everything in between, in a voice that is just so real I feel like she’s sitting in front of me chatting about her day!  Oh, and did I mention she’s from Texas and thereby has some great posts on the insanely delicious looking food from her neck of the woods?  I am a big, BIG fan of Texas BBQ! 

She’s also a fantastic commenter.  And by that I mean she actually reads your posts and puts thought into them.  I just adore getting comments from her, makes my day really.

So you should DEFINITELY go check out her blog right now!


But before you run away (or I forget), let’s check out what was in the super sweet snail mail she sent my way, since I know you’re all looking for it! 

So she sent me this giant box, which surprised the you-know-what out of me.

And she played a little Inception box trick on me, a box inside of another box, AH!

But how pretty that box was! I love that she reused something to create this adorable present! And so glad she did, because if she had completed her original goal of making a decoupage box of Texas, I would have been WELL outdone.  My crafting sensibility does not stretch that far!

And inside?!!?? All things FANTASTIC! 

So the goal this month was to send things with the theme “under the sea.” Well Ms. Britt took a twist on that and sent me things “under the C” to keep me calm, comforted, and cute.  Did I mention I love her?

To keep calm, a cup of Joe.  Um, yeah, that keeps me very VERY calm! And a heating pad.   I never even told her about my secret love affair with my giant heating pad at home, and here’s another just waiting for me to use it on-the-go. LOVE!

To keep me comforted, a peanut butter cup, tissues, and a seasoning packet for some down home Texas cooking.  Although I’m sure she can get much better authentic Texan delights than I could make! I’ve also had an insatiable craving for peanut butter lately, so BINGO!

And to be cute, some mascara, b/c I never leave the house without it on.  I mean never. If I had one go-to make up option, mascara all the way! And as she puts it, I need to be adorable for my Skype dates with FM.  So true! 

I am so in love with all of this, and her, and I feel terrible that my present will not be as pretty as hers came out, but again, I am not a great crafter! Sadly.

So there’s the deal! Make sure you go pay Ms. One&20 a visit, because Britt is fantastic and deserves some serious love.  I’m so glad that we got a chance to do this collective, and I’ll certainly be signing up for the next one.  It’s a great idea and I got to meet a great person. How could it get better???

Until next time lovelies,

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