Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mother Nature is a Grosky Little Biotch!

So remember the time I was supposed to pre-blog, and have it  all ready and pretty, set to post so I had nothing to worry about while I was off at the big girl job all day?

Yeah? Well, that totally did not get done this weekend because I ended up knee deep in life paperwork, and I’ve been trying to dig myself out of that hole since Friday night.  As a result, I was planning to have something fresh and witty whipped up for you for today’s post.  But as Mother Nature would have it, this happened to my yard yesterday morning…

…courtesy of her friend Mr. Lightning, and that effectively set off a whole day of crazy unpleasantness, including the hour drive to work that normally takes 20 minutes in absolute pouring rain, 60mph winds, flooded roads, and moron drivers.  What a blast, let me tell you!! 

As the day got progressively worse for all involved, the hopes for having a wonderful post for today became quite bleak, and here I am, Tuesday night, exhausted with a whole bunch of broken stuff in the yard, and even more heartbroken for my mom who worked so hard to make everything gorgeous back there.  That branch took out two of her favorite planters, her prized crane statue (aptly named Frasier, so now Daphne, the remaining ol' bird, is all alone!), her new bird bath, her beloved clothesline and a host of other things. She’s totally fine with this all, and happy that everyone’s safe and the house wasn’t damaged (just the garage gutter/siding), yet I’m the one about to cry for her.  I know it’s just “stuff,” but BOO Mother Nature, you whore! Was Hurricane Sandy not enough fun for you!?!?

So here’s my super exciting post for this Wednesday.  HIZZAH!

Hopefully nothing will fall on the house tomorrow morning (or Mrs. Gulch doesn't swoop down on her little bicycle and take us away) and when I get home I’ll have a far better evening hopping around the Wildcard Wednesday!  If not, I’ll be sure to send greetings from Oz.

Have a wonderful Wednesday all! And beware of rogue tree branches attempting to ruin your day! :)

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