Monday, September 2, 2013

Retail Tips for Labor Day!

Hello all.

Hope you're having a fantastic end to your summers today! It's a bit of a sad time, but as summer ends fall begins, and we can start looking forward to all that warm goodness, apple picking, cider, pies, stews, sweaters and pants.  I can't say that I'm all too upset that summer is leaving us!!

And this adorable cartoon just wrapped it up so nicely...

Today, since it's disgusting and rainy here thereby shooting most
BBQ plans, I will be doing some much needed Labor Day shopping.  After spending so many years on the opposite side, working the retail life, I'm definitely in for some relaxed retail strolling.  But for my friends that are still hard at retail work, please remember a few things today as you go out searching for those deals:

1. Be nice to the sales associates
They are forced to work holidays like today, and when you go in all mean and nasty, they really don't want to help you very much, and probably won't.  You get more with kindness, I promise!

2. Don't be a slob
Pick up after yourself in the fitting rooms, and don't throw things all over the store.  Be considerate. Retail workers have to stay at the store long after closing to make it all neat and pretty for the next day. The more you mess, the longer they stay.  Is that fair?  No. You can wait an extra 2 minutes to get to J. Crew, they're not going to close up the store and run away!

3. Pass the word
If you see someone being seriously rude and in need of an attitude adjustment, feel free to send a little barb their way on the a fore mentioned topics.  The associates will certainly appreciate your effort, and you can call it your good deed for the week!

Former or current retail workers... what are you tips for holiday/sale shoppers? What are your suggestions to shoppers from the behind-the-register view??

Best of luck scooping up those Labor Day deals, and don't forget your retail manners!



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