Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Power of Giving

I’ve been so good at scheduling posts lately, but when it came to today’s I was sort of stumped, and because I like to write about military related things at least once a week, and usually on Wednesdays, I wanted to come up with something for sure.

Then we had yet another fatal shooting at a military base.  And we are forced, as a military community, to band together in support of one another, and silently bow our heads in remembrance and acknowledge how short life can be, and how frightening it is during times like this that our soldiers are at risk even when they are supposedly safe and sound stateside.  

And then I found this video through a friend, and I was just completely captured by it.  It really puts things into perspective, sends a wonderfully powerful and inspiring message, and forces you to remember that the simple things in life are often the greatest gifts, and the kindness we share with others never goes without notice.

One of my all time favorite quotes

Watch. Be inspired. Do!

And for Blogtember…
Wednesday, September 18: Only photos
Stay safe FM, and all soldiers!

Best all, and as Ellen says so well, "be kind to one another."

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