Monday, September 30, 2013

Walking Wishes

I can’t even tell you how great this is working out for me.  I’m getting things done, holding myself accountable, and thinking way more positively about all aspects of life.  Weekly Wishes, for the WIN!

Let’s check out the wishes from last week:

Go Apple Picking
CHECK!! We went yesterday, it was fantastical, and I will post all about it soon, I promise, because it deserves its own spotlight.

Put Together FM’s Care Package
CHECK!! I made the cutest friggin stuff to go into the cutest stinkin box. I’ll post about this as well with some tips for sending packages overseas, dos and don’ts, prices, APO addresses, and all that jazz. Stay tuned for pictures too since I don't want to ruin his surprise!!

Get Out More
HALF CHECK!! Well, this one didn’t exactly happen since it was such a nutty work week.  But I will say, I did have some nice alone time shopping for a few things, and I did get to party at the orchard and winery with my family, which was a big step up from my normal weekend plans these days. So I’d call it a win!  

The Nectar Collective

So let’s make some wishes for this week, shall we…

Get seriously cracking on donations for my walk
So here’s my shameless plug.  Every year I walk the Making Strides for Breast Cancer 5k, and it’s one of my favorite events of all time. And I assure you, you’ll see a ton of posts or at least little blurbs about this in the upcoming weeks, including when I co-host the new Blog Hop for Hope.  I want to seriously start getting in those donations because October 20 (walk day) is right around the corner. 

And if you love supporting great causes as much as I do, or simply want a world with more birthdays and less fear, click that pic up there and head over to my page to donate whatever you can.  I’ll take the change in your pocket (minus the lint balls) if that’s what you’d like to give!

Start reading
I’ve been neglecting reading for blog work and real job work and all sorts of other things, and I really want to pick up a good book and drown in it for a while!

Successfully complete my first giveaway
I’m working with my blogging buddy Haylee from Jets and Brunette and Steph at Living in the Moment to promote my very first giveaway starting tomorrow for a chance to take home a copy of Vanessa Gezari’s The Tender Soldier and a $20 gift card to Amazon!! So stick around to get all the details, and make sure you enter to win!

Jets and a Brunette

And I’m going to leave it there because those are some pretty hefty tasks on top of everything else going on round here. 

Hope you all have a great week of positivity and goal fulfillment.

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