Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Fashion Friday

So like I said earlier this week, I was gone for the weekend and I didn't have a ton of time to schedule my posts for the week.  Thankfully the sweet and willing Melissa stepped in to do an awesome guest post for me today so I can take a breather after this killer week of playing catc up...

Check out some of her fab fashion ideas for this fall... and we all know how much I like fall (and NYC)!! 

And I promise, I'll be back in action full time next week!! 

New York Fashion: Top 10 Fabulous Fall Trends

As seasons change, everyone looks to New York for guidance on the upcoming what’s hot and what’s not in the style world. Fearless fashionistas take to the streets of Manhattan pushing the limits of past styles, hoping to get a nod from fellow trendsetters. These 10 fabulous fall trends are the best of the “Big Apple”.

1. A hot new look for the fall is wearing a simple, long-sleeved maxi dress with a pair of rocker boots. This combination of disheveled elegance has a certain sex appeal that is undeniable. Both feminine and masculine, the look is at the top of our style watch this season.

* Zara’s Long Dress would be perfect paired with some ankle high, leather boots: 

2. Mix up a little plaid with some clean-cut trousers for the new grunge glam look that’s being spot all over the fall fashion scene. It’s a nice balance between risk and class that keeps everyone on their toes. Express your rebellious spirit by pushing the parameters on classic ensembles.

* Purchase a Rock & Republic Plaid Crepe Shirt with a Kohls coupon for great savings on this grunge glam look: 

3. Take on the challenge of creating an ensemble made up entirely of one, bold hue. Red, for example, is extremely popular this season. The intensity of this bold look is not for everyone, but it will certainly get the attention that it deserves.

* Tobi’s What a Waist Jumpsuit paired with a matching red coat will turn heads all day long: 

4. Leather or wax coated pants give great texture to any outfit. Play around with the cut, including super skinny, stretch or even slouchy. Pair them with layers, like turtlenecks, button ups, sweaters and coats for millions of style options.

* Urban Outfitter’s Leather Jogger Pant show off that relaxed fashion that is so popular this season: 

5. Dresses that have a below-the-knee hemline are extremely popular this fall. Pair them with tights and heels for a chic look that is perfect for eveningwear. The clean profile is fashionable, while the length keeps it functional for the season.

* H&M’s long hemlines are the ideal addition to your fall wardrobe:

6. Mix and match prints on a variety of pieces in your ensemble. Play around with patterned shoes and printed pants that relate in color alone. Another way to sport this look is to take pieces with a similar pattern displayed in different scales.

* Start of with a fun pair of printed pants, like Free People’s Printed Cord: 

7. Spring sandals with socks are a hot, new way to give your warm weather footwear a second life this year. Break out the look with pencil skirts and blouses or a wide variety of dresses. It’s girlish, flirty and fun!

* Topshop’s Gunmetal Glitter Socks with a pair of spring sandals are hot

8. A new layering technique this fall is to wear a fur vest under a solid color coat. The hint of fur will pop against the solid, giving your ensemble some dimension. Fur is a fall favorite, so it is always great to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

* Forever 21’s Luxe Faux Fur Vest is an affordable way to accomplish this look

9. Give yourself a slimmer waistline by belting your coats. This is especially successful with more boxy cuts. The exterior belt becomes a fashion accessory and shows off the feminine figure beneath the coat.

* Use this Skinny Snakeskin Belt from Gap to cinch up your coat
10. Cuffed jeans and ankle boots are casually chic. Rustic tomboy meets fashion forward youth. Pair boyfriend type jeans or pants with a sexy pair of booties that keep the ensemble purposeful. The look is fresh and versatile for anytime, day or night. 

* These Express Ankle Rolled Boyfriend Jeans would be perfect with a bold bootie: 

Author Bio: Lisa enjoys shopping for the best trends and styles every season. She enjoys pushing her creativity and seeing what she can come up with. What’s your favorite style?

Thanks Melissa for bailing me out this Friday!!

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Happy Friday!

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