Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Battle With Breast Cancer - Part II

It’s Wednesday! Hump Day YEAHH!!!

It’s a weirdo week since I haven’t had to be in the office since last Friday, and I took a mini vacation this weekend, so I’m all off kilter.  But one thing I’m definitely not missing is the Blog Hop for Hope!  But don't forget to keep reading down below and learn more about my battle with breast cancer, and certainly link up and spread the hope and love around!

#3 Pinkalicious Wednesday Blog Hop for HOPE

Welcome to #3 Pinkalicious Wednesday a Blog Hop for HOPE! This blog hop is a special place for all our blogger friends to link up and spread breast cancer awareness. Hop around for HOPE and grab a few new friends. You'll be surprised at how much you have in common with your fellow bloggers. 
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*Supporting breast cancer has been a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. By linking up your blogs with survivor stories, breast cancer facts, stories of how you support the cause, donation pages, letters to a loved one loss to breast cancer could help spread awareness. It's def OK if you don't have any breast cancer stories or facts, all we ask is for you to link up your blog, and hop around you might find some interesting breast cancer info that way :)

Here's a little stat for you if you haven't been able to read or research...1 out of 8 women have a chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. That's a real fact! If you have a family history of cancer, you should schedule an appointment every year to check for bumps. As well as always checking yourself at least once a month at home. 
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Last week the title of my post (My Battle With Breast Cancer) had FM rather freaked out.  He kept telling me there was no way I’m getting sick and that I won’t have to worry about it.  Well, while I do love his never-ending optimism, I am a realist and facing facts and being prepared is what I’m all about (should’ve been a boy scout, always prepared!).  But I promised all of you that I would continue to share some of my touches with this cancer over the next couple of weeks, and while I wasn’t exactly planning to discuss myself just yet, I think it might be the time.

The fact is the odds are not stacked in my favor.  At all.  Actually I am at a rather elevated risk for developing breast cancer because both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with the disease at a relatively younger age.  At one point the statistic was around 25% greater likelihood, but whatever it may be now, having a second degree relative directly affected by the disease, especially with the forms that they developed being rather resistant to treatment, I know that I need to be very diligent with my heath.

Does it scare me that the thing that eventually took the lives of both of my grandmothers may one day infect me?  Sure it does.  But does it control me? Absolutely NOT!  I refuse to live in that fear and that is one of my main reasons for doing everything I can to aid the cause and Make Strides to see a world with no cancer and more birthdays.  

Ignoring my predisposition would be irresponsible.  Putting it on the back burner, or choosing not to talk about it does not suit me.  So while I know it can be upsetting to some of my family and friends that I’m so openly frank about my chances and my plans to be genetically tested for the BRCA1&2 mutations, it really puts my mind more at ease being able to stand up, face the breast beast, and give it a big, hearty flip off!!  

Cancer may find me, but cancer will never find my spirit!

But as a reminder, no matter what your genetic or familial risk factors may be, here are some helpful tips towards staying healthy and avoiding the big C:

Limit Alcohol
Don’t Smoke (it’s icky anyway and kills people around you!)
Control Your Weight
Be Physically Active
Limit Dose and Duration of Hormone Therapy (Yup, that’s BC pills)
Avoid Exposure to Radiation
Limit Red Meat, Eat More Vegetables
GET SCREENED & Have Regular Checkups

***Watch this fantastic video about mammograms
that is both funny and informative! :)***

Have a wonderful end of the Hump Day all, and remember to stay hopeful and positive, no matter what the situation!

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