Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Positivity During a Shutdown + a Giveaway

Good day all!

So, one full day of U.S. government shutdown under our belts.  Everyone still feeling groovy?  I know I’m sure not!  Thankfully we’re an active duty military family, and I no longer work for the government, so our bank account will not go hungry on the 15th or every other Thursday, but there are plenty of people out there that will be suffering from the ineptitude of the people we elect into public office to serve US.  Yeah, remember that little factoid? We voted for these people to represent us. As one of my favorite movie characters, Mary from Three Men and a Little Lady, would say “What a crock!”

So I figured today would be a nice day, amidst all of this political and financial American turmoil, to remind you of the wonderful things out there right now to lift our spirits and get us back to positive thinking again.  Read, and breathe a sigh of relief whether you’re a government employee or not:

1. It’s Fall! Fall is amazing and brings out all those delicious home baked things and makes wearing clothes bearable again!
2. TV was resurrected this week.  Unless you’re an Under the Dome fan (which I am!), you’ve been patiently waiting for the new season of all your favorite shows. Well, they’re bacckkkk!
3. On the same topic, it’s October, and almost every channel is running something spooky, including Hocus Pocus, one of the best darn movies of all time! Don’t light the Black Flame Candle kids! 

4. October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month.  If there’s ever a time to be happy about cancer this is it! It’s one of the most inspiring times to be raising funds and channeling our efforts into aiding a great cause!
5. It’s Hump Day (WHOOP WHOOP!)  Imagine that fantastic camel in your head all day because this week is almost over!
6. And that makes us one week away from a three day weekend.  Thanks Columbus for discovering America and giving us a day break, I guess we can overlook that whole bringing syphilis with you thing.
Oh, and this too! But it's pretty funny all the same!
7. And if all of that fails to brighten your day, this tumblr page for Terrible Real Estate Agent photos will get you giggling for sure.  These pictures, and the captions that go with them, are beyond hilarious!

 So hey, look at that, 7 awesome things to be positive about today to distract you from the news media and everything so negative floating around right now! That’s not so bad!

Sleepless in DIY Bride Country

And to boost a little more happiness, Jess at the DIY Bride and Jackie at City Girl Finding Her Place in the World have started the Blog Hop for Hope as of today which I’m beyond excited to participate in and co—host for a couple weeks!   Be sure to link up with this fantastic hop and share your personal connection to breast cancer, or any other disease for that matter, and send some time spreading some Blog HOPE! 

Don’t forget, I’m also collecting donations for the Making Strides Walk on Long Island.  I would appreciate any donation you could find it in your heart to make to this fantastic cause.  Click the button up there!

Finally, I’m happy to announce that the first day of our giveaway went swimmingly well! You should totally enter right down here, and then go visit my blogging buddy co-gifters!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to US residents only.
Giveaway closes October 8th at 12:00AM CST

Have a fantastic Hump Day all!

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