Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sally Sold Sunshine by the Seashore + Giveaway

Hey ladies and gents!

A couple of awesome things are going on today!

First, I was lucky enough to be able to sponsor Caitlin this month over at the Pearl and the Pilot, and she has graciously done a Q&A session with me that she's got up today, so please go check that out, learn a little more about your humble blogger, and stay around a while to check out a fellow milSO's blog! 

The Pearl and The Pilot

Next on the agenda...

The giveaway has finally ended, and our lucky winner is... well we're just going to have to wait to find out!

And FINALLY, on another happy note, I am the recipient of yet another Sunshine Award from one of my best bloggy friends Ms. Brittney at One&20.  I just love her, and I know you will too, so go show her some love after you read my answers to her questions!


Her rules also included 11 random facts about myself, so here’s some strangeness about me you didn’t know before:

 1. I like to have everything planned down to the minute, and if I don’t I get a little befuddled.
2. I hate the sound of someone scraping their nail over a piece of paper to fold it, and the sight of hair anywhere but attached to the body, mine or otherwise. Makes me cringe.
3. I have an unnatural obsession with hockey, and like any fan, wait for the fights to break out with bated breath.
4. I have an issue with eating anything with a custardy/creamy consistency.  The wiggly motion doesn’t do anything for me and I have sincere trouble eating it (see:  Boston crème donuts, Greek yogurt, custards, puddings, creamy dressings like Blue Cheese)
5. I LOVE cooking elaborate multi-course dinners, but I have difficultly mastering scrambled eggs and pancakes.  Go figure.
6. I like to read old stinky library books.  They smell good and remind me of all the people that have read the book before me.
7. I often wonder what things I leave behind will be interesting to future archaeologists. 
8.  Driving next to 18 wheelers or trucks with a bunch of junk obviously not tied down makes me very, VERY nervous. And it all started after a book I read about a man who was paralyzed by a giant wheel that came off one of those trucks and bounced onto his roof.
9. I drink at least 4 cups of coffee per day.  And when I say cups, I mean mugs and/or travel mugs. So it’s probably more like 6 per day.  I like coffee.
10. I collect gently used hardcover books wherever I find them, whether I’ve read them or not.  I want a library, or at least a room that looks somewhat like a library, someday.  Which is where I will pen the next great American novel (probably not, but it’s nice to dream!)
11. I think 11 facts are really hard to come up with!

1. what is your favorite thing about yourself?
I’m persistent.  If I know that there’s something I can accomplish or win, I’m doing it.  And if there’s a hurdle in between, even better!

2. how do you bring sunshine into the lives of people around you?
I try to be as realistic and honest as possible.  I feel like most people try to sugarcoat things so often that getting a healthy dose of realism is a refreshing change.  

3. what is one food you cannot live without?
Coffee.  And chocolate. But that’s really stemming from the same problem.

4. what was your favorite childhood toy?
I had a ton of Barbies and Polly Pockets with all assorted accessories that could keep me busy for days! (probably lasted more like 10 minutes)

5. what adjective(s) would you use to describe the relationship between yourself and your siblings? if you're an only child, one adjective to describe your childhood without a sibling.
Occasionally tense. Sometimes catty. Always supportive.

This pretty much does the trick at explaining things...

6. what is your favorite travel location and why?
Newport, Rhode Island.  I love the old world charm and the gorgeous mansions from a time long gone, nestled right in the heart of a seaside town full of life and bustle.  It embodies everything I love about relaxing, which makes it the perfect place to go! And the lobster pizza… oh, dear Lord!

7. which song is the soundtrack of your summer?
I’ve had Bad Medicine stuck in my head since the beginning of the summer when I went to see Bon Jovi in concert.  So probably that! By the way, LOVE YOU JON!

8. what's your job, and do you enjoy it?
I’m a education coordinator for a non-profit company that aims to teach sexual abduction/molestation prevention programs to children and adults.  And yes, for the most part, I do enjoy it!

9. what's your favorite weekday and why?
Probably Wednesday because it’s hump day, and that camel just does it for me every time!

10. if you could get lost in any place, where would it be?
A vineyard would be a lovely place to get lost.  So quiet, peaceful, nice place to hang out and read and sip some wine.  I mean I get lost when I go to one anyway… so why not?

11. who/what do you appreciate most in your life?
My momma! She’s the greatest super hero I’ve ever met, runs her house like a Naval submarine, never sleeps, loves to cook and does it well, and can never do enough for her family.  If I end up half as good as she is at life, I’ll be doing alright! 

She's pretty funny too!

Another big THANK YOU to Britt!

And don’t forget, when I completed the questions for the other two awards I’m so grateful to have received I opened up my nominations to all of you lovely readers, so if you would like a Sunshine Award, be sure to grab my questions and post away! And please let me know you did so I can give you a shout out for it!

Enjoy, and have a great day all! 

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