Monday, October 7, 2013

Wishes to Slow Down + Giveaway

My goodness last week flew, how is it Monday already!? 

Well, let’s embrace the unwelcome beast with some lovely weekly wishes!

But first, a very happy birthday wish to my grandpa!! 85 years young and sharp as a tack!!

And just look at that all over happiness being surprised with apple strudel after the German oompa band sang a big Happy Birthday toast in his honor! 

What did I try to do last week? Let’s recap…

Get seriously cracking on donations for my walk
I’m getting there! I’ve sent out a bunch of emails, and I’m aiming at bothering some people at work this week.  I’ve got $65 personal dollars so far, so let’s see if we can’t make some more by the end of the week!

And as always, if you have some change sitting around on the side of your computer as you’re blogging, I’ll gladly take it! Just click the button above to head over to my page and donate! I am forever grateful!

Start Reading
I have gotten as far as picking up the books from the library (yes I still read library books, I like real hardcopy books to read from, and the library adds such a good musty smell to them, and the crinkling book jacket is like music to my ears).  I’m thinking about starting one today since it’s pretty yuck outside, and I do have intentions of a mani/pedi later!

Successfully complete my first giveaway
We are on our second to last day of the giveaway, and I’m super excited at how well it’s going.  

Again, if you haven’t done so yet, check out the giveaway below for your chance to win $20 in Amazon bucks and a copy of The Tender Soldier!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to US residents only.
Giveaway closes October 8th at 12:00AM CST

The Nectar Collective
And this week…

Finally get that apple picking post up
I don’t know what happened to this week but it became crazy busy and I got so much nothing done.  So I’m really going to try to get that apple picking post up since we hacked a bunch up to bake with yesterday!

Do more for me
I go to work, barely take a lunch break, if at all, and come home and do blog work or catch up on financial paperwork or something, and then the weekend is for everything I didn’t catch up on and maybe some leisure activity if I’m lucky, with posts being scheduled in between.  AH! I need some time to just exist and enjoy life a little before I burn out.  So if I’m not out there commenting on your blogs this week, I apologize, but I am still reading them, I promise! J

And I think that’s a lofty enough set of goals for the week!

Perhaps my lovely readers can lend me a hand...
What do you do to keep yourself from falling into the routine rut?
What do you do for you to break the monotony?

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

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