Monday, November 18, 2013


Well, this post officially marks a blogging world milestone, 100 posts! Woah!!
This once tiny blog is getting bigger every day and gives me a chance to let out what floats around in my crazy little mind all the time.  The life of a military wife is not always sparkles and glitter, and without FM here I find myself missing a good chunk of my support system these days, but blogging has become such an amazing sense of release just to be able to let some things go that would have otherwise eaten at me, and it’s even better when I can help out someone else who’s going through the same.  Plus, it’s a great way for me to connect with many of you other military families before we are assigned somewhere permanent! No matter where we are or where we’re sent, the blog can always come with me/us, and I’m so thankful to always have that creative supporting safety net to rely on.

I had no idea what I would be getting into when I started this little adventure seven
months ago, but I have to say, it is well worth my time and effort to keep it rolling.  The blogging community is so fantastic; I have “met” so many of you wonderful people, followed your lives, and learned so much from those of you that I read along with on the daily.  Thanks for hanging around here and reading what I have to say too. I would be more than thrilled to meet any of you in “real” life.

Until then, I’ll just be blogging along until I reach 200! Hope to see you all at that post too!  

And of course, let’s not forget to be thankful today…

Day 18 – A Choice

This one’s easy.  The best choice I ever made was marrying Mr. FM. 

It was certainly not traditional, it was certainly not a long engagement, and it certainly took everyone by surprise and made some either scratch their heads and wonder if we were absolutely insane or straight up got them angry, but it was the best choice for us, and in hindsight, we have no regrets about what we did.  (You can read all about putting our civil ceremony together in 24 hours here if you’re curious)

There came a point in our relationship where things just clicked, where everything fell into place and we finally realized that the last five years weren’t a waste of dating because we really wanted to end up with each other for the long haul, and when it clicked for us, we stopped caring about the pomp and circumstance, the big flashy wedding, and just went with what was most meaningful for us.  Sure, we’ll re-do this all and have the big party to celebrate how awesome we are (kidding, sort of), but making the choice to get married when we wanted to because we wanted to was the best choice I ever made (and I’m pretty sure FM will agree).

Have a great start of the week all! Here's hoping it flies by!

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