Monday, November 25, 2013

A Facelift + Wishes + Thankful Project {Days 24&25}

Well in light of this little blog’s 100th post last week, my general lack of contentment with anything being the same for too long, and the fact that I actually had some time to devote to it, I decided to give my online nook a bit of a facelift.  Okay, so it was a big facelift, but it was well deserved!!  The old design certainly had its time, it served me well, but it was time for it to take a walk, and now it’s feeling a whole lot better, until I change my mind again that is.

I have been so crazy busy lately that I’ve barely had time to post, no less redesign everything, and I’m really hoping this visual change leads to greater posting possibilities too! Or at least inspires me to write ahead of time so I’m not always feeling so behind!

So lovely readers, how do we feel about this?  Are we looking good or not so much?

Also… I’m thinking this would be a good week to get a few Weekly Wishes in to keep everything in line!  So this week I’m hoping to…

Not eat 4,500 calories on Thursday.  Apparently that’s the national average calorie count that Americans take in on Thanksgiving. Oh. Dear. Lord! NO!

Get some shopping done.  I always go out on Black Friday for some sweet deals and get a whole lot of my shopping done in one day, which is awesome. But I absolutely do NOT condone going to a store on Thanksgiving Day.  Be with your families and let the retail workers enjoy theirs too.  So wrong!

Get through these next three days.  It’s going to be a rough 3 day work week, mostly because it’s three days and that’s going to drag on foreverrr!

Enjoy spending some quality family time.  That’s what this holiday is all about right? Being thankful for all that we have, which of course includes each other.  I’m looking forward to a few laughs with some great people.

Find FM a Christmas present. He “doesn’t know what he wants,” and I have to send whatever the mystery gift is going to be by Dec. 10th for it to get to him in time.  AH! I need a bright idea and pronto!

The Nectar Collective

And while I’m being thankful for having the time to spend on the blog this weekend, among other things, let me also be thankful for

Day 24: A Physical Trait I Have
My hair. I love my hair. I have never had to dye or color it in any way. I have never done any highlights or anything artificial.  I get awesome natural highlights year round, blonde in the summer and strawberry in the winter.  It’s shiny,  but not greasy.  It’s pretty much straight so I don’t really need to straighten on the daily, and it lets me be able to get up and go in the morning without having to pay much attention to it! AND it looks pretty good long or short.  So, yeah, I pretty much have a love affair with my hair!

Ok, so it was kind of hard to find a picture of my head with
all of those things I just said... so pretend you can
see the natural highlights and shiny-ness here!

Day 25: Something I Know
I am so thankful to know that FM will be home at the end of next July (wherever home is at that point!).  Unlike typical deployments, he’s pretty much guaranteed that he’ll be leaving his current station sometime around the end of July 2014, and that at least gives me something to countdown and look forward to.  I know that nothing is ever set in stone with the military, so have no fear, I’m well aware that things could change between then and now, but at least there is less of a chance that he’ll be spending a significant amount of time there past July.  So YAY to that!

I'm hoping he was looking West towards home!

Phew! That was a lot for one Monday! 

Have a great start to the short week everyone!!

And give me some feedback on the new design...

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