Friday, November 1, 2013

A Very Thankful Friday Letter

I haven’t done a letter to Friday in quite a while, AND this week has been oddly insanely busy, so pre-posting has been a little out of the realm of possibility (plus I got caught up in reading One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest, but my book nerdiness is beside the point).  So sit back for a nice little letter to Friday and how glad I am that it’s here…


Dear Friday: Thank you so much for arriving.  This work week really did not do it for me…
Dear Universe: Thanks for letting me help some kids… even if I do feel bad about some of
the outcomes, I know it’s amazing that I’m making a difference for some of them so they don’t live with pain and fear anymore.

Dear Brain:  You’re the best! Way to not lash out irrationally at things that are “supposed” to make you go all wacko and freak out and reevaluate your life, like many of your other female brain friends.  I’m glad you’re on the right page with the rest of me; we are happy with life, and that’s awesome!! Nothing’s going to take that away from us!

Dear Halloween: You’re less fun as an adult.  That’s just plain unfair.

Dear best friends of mine: even though I know you probably won’t read this because I’m too scared to tell you that I have a blog, just know subconsciously that I effing love you, and your tons of support, and your amazing senses of humor. You are, quite possibly, the best people on the planet, and I would not be this wonderful person I am without you (kidding… kind of)!
Some of my amazing lovelies that make my life awesome!

Dear bridal expo happening on Sunday: Thanks for tempting me with your free show and hors devours via email and making me start thinking about how I’m going to pull off wedding planning on my own for a party in a year when I haven’t started worrying about it yet… and thanks for letting those best friend people I was just talking about come with me and be excited about it!

Dear FM: You’re awesome. Never forget that.  Even with 7,000 miles and a 13 hour time difference, you make my day like no other. Thanks 

...even if you dress like the man on
my paper towel rolls.

Have a great Friday everyone! 

And don’t forget to link up with Ms. Whitty-pants to get your weekend started… NOW

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