Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Home {Alone} for the Holidays

I have to tell you all, I have neither been looking forward to the holidays or dreading their existence this year; I’m just apathetic, not feeling all too jolly or ready to get the inevitable ball rolling towards a new year.

With Thanksgiving Eve looming over us, it’s clear Hanukah, Kwanza, Christmas, and the start of 2014 are following right behind, but as a military spouse who is 7,000 miles separated from her husband, it really does make for a melancholy mood now and again.  I am by no means lamenting over this; in fact, it really won’t be much different from many years past where FM and I headed to our respective families to spend the holidays.  We really only shared birthdays, New Year's, and minor holidays together, mostly because our houses were an entire state’s distance apart, so there could be no visiting two houses in one night (unless we borrowed the Big Man’s sleigh and 8 fluffy friends).

Still, I find myself a bit bummed that his birthday will come and go on December 3rd without me making a cake for him and embarrassingly singing Happy Birthday to his face and the four walls (although I did sneak a surprise in his birthday package, stay tuned!). That Thanksgiving will come for him 14 hours before mine, so he’ll be all knocked out on Tryptophan and I’ll just be getting up for the day! That he will need a New Year’s kiss well before I consider how I’m going to remember writing the “14” on all my paperwork.   It’s stinky even if it was out of our normal character to spend the holiday day together, but at least we always had our own traditions leading up to holiday time that surely will be missed.

Turk-coma is hard to fight!!

But, instead of being sad and surly, I’m honestly choosing to embrace this time.  Am I going to be happy 100% of the season? No, probably not.  But I’m looking forward to next year when I get to spend all of the holidays with FM, even if we can’t get back to spend them with our family, it might just be a fun role reversal.   I’m looking forward to finding creative fun ways to spend the holidays virtually, and mailing little things that still make the days merry and bright.  I’m looking forward to starting our own new traditions, and that starts with this year apart.

So to all of you who are away from your spouses this holiday season, I feel for you, I share your disappointment, and I will read all of your posts venting your frustrations, I promise I will! But remember, this stay is temporary, new traditions are made from times like these, and absence will only make the heart grow fonder towards what the future holidays have in store.  And if you need someone to vent to, well, you can give me a shout anytime!

As always, be well all. Please enjoy the time with your families and life in general, no matter where that may be!

And for all of you military men and women who are not home for this Thanksgiving, or the rest of the holiday season, we love you, we miss you, and thank you for being so exceptionally selfless! You are the finest examples of generosity during this extra-giving season.

Oh, and FM, I will have a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich in your honor, as we always did!  

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