Monday, November 11, 2013

Let's Hear it for the Vets!! + Thankful Project {Day 11}

As I’m sure many of you lovely ladies and gentlemen will also be writing about, today we celebrate, acknowledge, support, and thank those who do and have served in this great nation’s armed forces.  I am not a soldier, but consider this my honored salute of gratitude to all of you, active duty, reserves, and veterans alike.

If you have been hanging around these parts long enough, and reading about my and FM’s adventure with the Army so far, you know that the military was not on my list of things to do in life.  In fact, I don’t have shame in saying that it was not a part of my plan, and I did
not want it to be so by any means.   But since we have started down this road and jumped in the camouflaged water with both feet, I have learned leagues more than I had ever hoped to learn about the people who risk their lives for this country and those that support them.  Here’s a little bit about what I learned this past year…

I have learned that soldiers are far stronger than their job descriptions entail.
I have learned that their spouses and families are as well and fight a separate but equal battle on the home front.
I have learned that veterans are amongst the most humble group of Americans there are.
I have learned that veterans are not thanked enough for their service.
I have learned that good answers do not necessarily come to those who wait.
I have learned that there are far more people with a connection to a member of the military than I thought.
I have learned that there are an amazing number of resources for our soldiers and spouses to locate jobs, healthcare, and financial assistance; but there should be more.
I have learned that there are so many people that are willing to lend a hand or shoulder to support me/us.
I have learned that this life fills me with an enormous sense of pride in my husband and all of his battle buddies nationwide.
I have learned that I am far stronger than I thought I was.
I have learned that I’m not so bad at this.

As much as I was not keen on the idea of being a military wife, of moving around without being asked and needing to make new friends in each of those places, of being separated from FM or my family for as long as is needed, of not being able to find a job because of our lifestyle, and of constantly worrying about FM’s safety, I now know that there is far more to being a military spouse, even with all of that in mind, to make me proud, happy, and willing to support his service.

So as I said, a giant, honored, spousal salute to all of the wonderful men and women in our armed services, past and present, and those who have gone before their time.  A very happy and very grateful Veteran’s Day goes out to all of you!!

And as an added bonus, check out what Starbucks is doing for our veterans.  Very inspiring and very much so needed from all American companies!  (+ they’re doing free tall brewed coffees all day to veterans and their spouses).

Remember, "our veterans are not looking for charity, they're looking for an opportunity to serve, to be part of a worthwhile mission."

Last but certainly not least, I leave you with today’s Thankful Project.

Day 11: Something you were taught

What a poignant topic after that Starbucks video!

My parents have always instilled in me a very strong work ethic.  I have never, ever, wanted to sit back on my butt and not work.  In fact, I have been known to work multiple jobs here are there just to make ends meet.  In 10 years since I started my working life (yep, first job was at 15) I have learned a ton about what it means to be a great employee, and as such, have a company recognize you and appreciate your hard work and dedication for them.

I have always appreciated that my parents worked their tails off for me to have a decent life with (most) everything I wanted [there was that year I didn’t get a Tamagotchi].  And they always made sure that I knew how hard money was to earn, and how easy it was to lose it.  I am ever thankful for this as FM and I start our married lives together with a ton of student loans hanging over us.  I know that between us both happily working our collective tails off, we’ll one day be able to provide for our kids the way our parents had for us.

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