Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh So Thankful for this Friday!!

It has been an absolutely insane week here, and I have had pretty much no time to breathe between working 12 hour days a few times this week and teaching programs.  I'm absolutely beat and so looking forward to this weekend when I get to have a little bit of down time with some of my very best friends for "Friendsgiving," an early but extremely welcome pre-Thanksgiving gala with all the trimmings!

Here's hoping for a better week next week, and perhaps I can come up with something better to post about! Until then, let's just be thankful for the Thankful Project...

Day 14: A Blessing

FM, this one goes to you.  I have been blessed with a lot of great things, including my family and my wonderful friends, but it’s hard to ignore the impact you’ve had on me.  You are the peanut butter to my jelly, you make me think, you challenge me to be a better me, you keep me on my toes, and best yet, you fully understand where I’m coming from (most of the time)!  You have inspired me to live outside my comfortable bubble sometimes, and let me bring you in there as well.  We are almost everything opposite about each other, but it works, and for that, I am forever thankful and excited to see what life has in store for us. Thanks for marrying me! <3

However, the faces you make sometimes will continue to mystify me!


Day 15: An Annoyance

Being 7,000 miles away from my husband for our first year of marriage.  This SUCKS! But we’re dealing, and it’s going a lot better than I ever would have thought, even at the beginning of this year when things were so up in the air between the two of us and the thought of being separated for weeks/months at a time was really difficult. 

This year is already teaching us a ton about each other that we haven’t been able to learn or experience in the last 5 years we have known each other/lived together, and that, to me, is simply amazing.  And it will surely make us treat the time we do get to spend together after this year as more valuable. So thanks U.S. Government for sending my husband away to the other end of the world so we could learn some things about one another.  Just promise to keep him safe!  

Have a great Friday all, and don’t forget to link up with Whit for some sweetness!! 

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