Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful for Albany {Day 3}

On this lovely Sunday afternoon I am supposed to think about being thankful for a place…
I have been lucky enough to visit many, many places.  Quite a few of them with FM.  And while most of them have been wonderful, and we each have a sore spot for our own hometowns, there’s one place that has been very good to us, and we always talk about getting back there…

Albany, NY.

I’m thankful to Albany for being the place to bring us together in college.  I’m thankful
to Albany for providing a cozy apartment for us to live in together. I’m thankful to Albany for always giving us a place of our own close enough to our families, but far enough too.  I’m thankful to Albany for always having something to entertain us with.  

I never realized how much I really liked living there until we were forced to leave, and now we talk quite often about how nice it would be to move back someday, and at some point, we probably will.  Albany was our home. Albany was good to us.  Albany changed our lives.  I will always be thankful for Albany, no matter where we live.

 What place (or places) bring back the memories for you?
Is there somewhere you wish you could move to (or back to)?

Have a great Sunday all! 

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