Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankful for Family and Coping {Days 12&13}

It has been a crazy busy week so far and it's not about to get any quieter, AH! So let's just be thankful for a few things today and hope I have some time later this week to write for reals! 

Day 12:  An opportunity
I have been very fortunate, and I’ve been given many opportunities to do so many things that I have benefited from multiple times.  But I have to say, as of recent, I am thankful for the opportunity that allowed me to move back in with my family during FM’s first Army months.   

I know, I complain about it, because, let’s be real, at 25 and married, who wants to
be moving back into their childhood bedroom down the hall from their mommy and daddy?? No one! Especially since I have been out on my own for the last seven years.  But when all of this came to pass with me and FM, and he signed the papers and prepped to leave in February, they took me back with open arms, knowing that it would be a challenge on all of us, for the simple fact that it would help me out.  It would give me a relatively free place to live, a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and the opportunity to simply not be so alone, while FM finished training, and as we now know, his first year overseas.  Otherwise, I would have been forced to either stay by myself in Albany without friends or family, or move back closer to home and pay astronomically high rent prices, etc.  I am enormously thankful for the opportunity they have given me, and will always give me, if I ever need anything. 

Day 13:  An ability
I am thankful for my ability to cope.  Growing up the running joke, if you will, was that I was raised in a funeral parlor.  We have a large family, so the likelihood of someone dying was always great, and as I grew up I just got used to being around hospitals, funeral parlors, gravesites, etc.  I suppose, as a result, I am a little jaded towards the macabre.  But it has helped me in so many ways be able to cope with the reality of everyday life.  Sure, there’s things that stress me out and get me frazzled, but one way or another I find a way to power through to get what needs to be done completed.

And it’s certainly been a particular ability helping me out in getting through the time FM and I have already spent apart, and all that is in front of us still.  I’m thankful that we’re able to get through this time with our heads held high and smiles on our faces (most of the time)!

Have a great day all! Happy HUMP DAY!

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