Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Crazy Way Life Comes Full Circle + Thankful Project {Days 19 & 20}

I have always been a decently large believer in karma and everything happening for a reason.  Last weekend just helped in cementing that notion.

Story time...

In my junior year of college my two roomies and I got placed in this awesome apartment after a few years of living in the squalor of the extremely old & decrepit dorms.  It took a lot of due diligence on our part to secure the place, and it was well worth it, that place was awesome!! (Plus, that was the year FM lived across the hall from us, and well, it was a good year obviously!!)

Problem: The roomies were bunking together, and I didn’t have a roommate, and the apartment was slated for four. 

Of course that meant I would be stuck with a random.  Bwap bwah!! Anyone who has been through this process knows that it’s not always a walk in the park, and I had not won the roommate lottery in the past, by any means (but those horror stories are for a different day).  Our first semester random was an absolute NIGHTMARE!! I thought I had had winners before, SO WRONG!  Once she was, shall we say, relocated for her difficult nature and complete lack of personal hygiene, we played roommate roulette again. 

Thanks to the powers that be we landed our lovely little Doyeon, a Korean exchange student and a total godsend! We all quickly became good friends and had a blast exploring each other’s cultures, showing her around Albany, and teaching her our nutty American habits.  When the semester ended, the roomies and I moved on to different housing, and Doy returned back to her University in Seoul, hoping that we might bump into each other someday when she got the travel bug again and was back in the ‘States.

Why am I telling you this???

Well as luck would have it, five years later FM makes the choice to join the Army, completely changing some of our life plans, and gets stationed not too far from where Doy is currently living.  Last weekend he had a chance to track her down, and 7,000 miles away from where they originally met as college hall-mates, met up for lunch!! CRAZY!!

FM, how young you look!
I know that he went over there with quite a few battle buddies, and he has made friends along the way too, but I am elated that FM was able to catch up with our adorable Korean friend after so many years, with the tables turned of course. It just made me feel so much better that there’s someone there to not only play tour guide and help him master Korea’s awesomeness like we once did for her on our turf, but to act as a face from back home. 

It’s a crazy strange little world we live in, and getting smaller every day, but it’s hard to deny when things like this happen that there’s not some sort of karma, divine intervention, good juju, whatever you want to call it, that weaves our lives into such a perfect pattern and sets us up for amazing things in the future.

Doy was a welcome blessing then, and she certainly is now, I just didn’t know how much that would come full circle so long ago!

What gave you the "a-ha" moment?
When you did see something come full circle in life?
I love hearing these stories... comment & tell me all about them!

And now to be further thankful for things…

Day 19: A Book
I will forever be thankful for David Sedaris’ Naked.  It was the first book to really make me laugh out loud, honestly, doubled over in pain at times, and made me fall back in love with reading after being on a major hiatus through high school/early college.  I learned to read for fun again, to read for me, and to enjoy it and want to get lost in it, all because of this fantastically funny, sad, gripping, emotional, all-around great book!!

I have since started a collection of books that continues to grow all the time and weighs an epic ton. Trust me, I just had to move them all back in February, and it was NOT pretty or fun!

Day 20: Something about your significant other or best friend
Well, while FM is my best friend, and he knows it, I have others as well, and they haven’t had enough spotlight, so this is a great time for it!

I am thankful for my little sister, even though we still drive each other as nuts as we did back in the day, we have those perfect moments of clarity where we truly understand each other.  Those moments I could never share with anyone else simple because we’re not made from the same genetic code!

I am thankful for my delightful group of closest best friends.  Those ladies have been with me by my side for what feels like an eternity, and no matter the time we spend apart, away at college, relocated from home, whatever, we will always pick right back up where we left off as great as ever. I could not ask for a better, more loving, more supportive group of friends that would bend over backwards for me any day, and likewise, me for them! They are my unrelated sisters and will be standing by my side for wedding Part Deux without question!

Have a fantastic Hump Day all!

And remember, be good to your karma!!

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