Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Thankful Project {Days 1&2}

One of the greatest blogging ideas that I have come across so far is thanks to Kenize over at Chasing Happy.  She has created The Thankful Project, a 28 day way to acknowledge thanks for many of the  things that we tend to take for granted day after day.  I am absolutely in love with this idea for so many reasons, but the winner is certainly much akin to Kenzie’s reason for starting this, that we should slow down and enjoy the Fall season and be thankful for everything we have and do before jumping headfirst into the holiday hustle.  Now, I just love Fall anyway, but being thankful is never a bad thing, so I’m going to do my best at completing (most) of these prompts, enjoying November and everything I have to be thankful for.

Day 1: A Person
I am thankful for so many people, not the least of which is FM.  But there is one person who I always look to and say if I end up being half as good as she is at life, then I’ll be doing alright.

My momma.  

She is seriously a fantastic woman who always ran a really tight ship at home,
but she helped prep me for the real world and being a grown up without sugarcoating things to make it less scary.   I’ve learned pretty much all my life skills from her, and of course a few personal ones also (which FM should be pleased about since she taught me how to cook so well and do his laundry).  Most days she went without any thanks at all, especially as teenagers when we ran a train over her good nature.  

Well, mom, here’s to you being awesome, and as a result, creating two awesome kids that have learned everything they need to know about life and being a good human from you. 

Day 2: A Role You’ve Played
One of the things that I am proudest of is my volunteer work with the American Cancer Society.  I have been fundraising and participating in their events since I was in middle school, and throughout high school and college I became so attached to the cause and the people that it was benefiting that I just continued to deepen my role and involvement.

I have raised a ton of money through all the events that I have done.  I have cried thousands of tears with other participants, teammates, and survivors as we have walked, run, or raced around tracks, fields, and boardwalks.  I have watched the people I was trying to protect benefit from the research that was funded by the money that I helped raise.  

Team Zim has changed over the years, but every one of them has been
amazing from past to present.
I am a better person because of the little bit of selflessness that I donate to each one of these causes, and the beauty is I know that there’s always more that I can do.  I can always create a new goal for myself for the next event, fundraise harder, believe harder that we’ll see a cure.  It’s a cause I feel so connected to and so strongly about, and I’m proud to say that I go out there and do whatever I can to help. 

Be well & be thankful.

And  Happy Weekend!

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