Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out With the Old... In With 2014!

Hello all!

Hope you all had a very lovely holiday season.

Now that the biggie holidays have passed I'm glad to be getting things back to normal here, at least a little, and finally getting the chance to get back to blogging for 2014! 

If nothing else, I'm certainly looking forward to ringing in this New Year and saying goodbye to 2013 once and for all.  Outside of FM and I tying the knot, this year has been extremely difficult... between all of the stress with his leaving for training and moving our entire lives into a tiny storage space to await its next journey only to get the news on the S. Korea tour, to moving back in with my family at 25 years old, to being unemployed for 9 months and struggling to get the bills paid and driving myself batty, to losing my grandmother and having to spend time feeling guilty about grandpa being all alone, and just the overwhelming amounts of people I know that have been through the wringer this year health wise, I am SO beyond ready to get this year over with!  
I'm not a big fan of making resolutions, because, on the whole, they're never kept for more than a couple of months before the guilt wears off and it goes back to life as usual.  So instead, here's a couple things I'm looking forward to being able to do this year...

- Finally getting FM back here, and moving to our new home base, wherever that may be
- Having our big, fat wedding gala so we can celebrate with all of our family and friends
- Possibly getting to make the trip to S. Korea
- Paying off my credit card bills (literally dancing around about this!) and making a giant dent in my student loans
- Seeing my baby sister graduate from college (WOAH, time flies!)
- Getting to do a whole bunch more volunteer work
- Celebrating the 2014 holidays together with my new little family (and now bigger extended family)
- Getting a dog (We promised each other a dog when FM gets back, I want to cash in!)

2014, I have got big hopes for you buddy, don't let me down!

So to finally close out 2013 let me catch up on a few things I have been meaning to do the past few weeks...

1. The Christmas Box
I promised a while ago I would share what I did for FM's Christmas care package, and while I know the season is over, I couldn't reveal it before he received it, so I guess here's some ideas for next Christmas' packages!

The poem reads:  "Ho, Ho, Ho, the holidays are near,
and I know you're upset that you can't be here.
So I sent you some goodies and Christmas fun,
To make it seem a lil' less glum!

I thought it really came out adorable, plus, I got to channel my inner Bob Ross and paint a happy little tree.  And it helped get me a little more into the Christmas spirit, which I have to say, really lacked this year big time!

As for FM, it came just in time for him to watch all the awesome Christmas classic DVDs I tucked inside, because the season isn't the season until you've seen Frosty and Rudolph conquer the world!

2. The New Year's present.
I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I honestly just LOVED it, so as part of the above package, I put a Hershey's kiss in a clear ring box with a sign on it to let FM know that I couldn't forget him when the clock strikes midnight (even if midnight here means he's making a lunchtime sandwich!).    This year has taught me that the little things make the difference in a 7,000 mile relationship, and he may not like to admit it, but he was happy to see I hadn't forgotten!

3. The book
I was in the market for a good book to get me back to my reading stride, so I picked up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (even before the surprise Christmas Kindle gift, thanks FM!), and I'm loving it!  It's awesome so far, and I'm having trouble putting it down.  Plus, they're filming the movie to it now, so I'm excited to see how badly they can botch Flynn's writing. 

4. The Gift
I have to say, while I wasn't all that excited for Christmas this year, I did receive one of my all time favorite gifts from my sister... this pretty Alex and Ani U.S. Army bangle.  I really appreciate that my family is finally jumping on board in support of this military life we're living, and this simple little gesture just made my holidays! PS, they make a charm for every branch of the service if you're interested!

5. The Thanks
Finally, thanks to all of you have been hanging around here this past year and reading about this sometimes crazy, always interesting, occasionally maddening, and usually stressful Army Adventure FM and I have found ourselves on.  Blogging surely would not be the same without your kind words of encouragement, helpful tips, or comments, and I'm extremely appreciative of your support!  I'm looking forward to reading what's going on in your lives through 2014!

So out with the old, in with the new, and I sincerely hope that 2014 is good to all of you!!

See you next year!

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