Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scarf Swap Reveal

I know I’m a few days tardy for the linkup, and I know that my lovely partner Vanessa already posted about the scarf I sent her, but forgive me and let me introduce you to Ms. Vanessa from Hearts on Guard.

She is just lovely, a fellow military wife to a National Guard soldier, living out West with her two adorable children.  When we were paired up for this Scarf Swap hosted by the Jessicas from Jessica Lynn Writes and Being Mrs. Beer she told me that she didn’t know how to wear scarves and basically stuck to the neutrals, black and grey.  Well I went outside the box (and probably her comfort zone, sorry!) and sent her a giant kelly green scarf with silver stripes.  Holiday chic let’s call it.  I actually had a hard time sending it to her because I wanted to keep it so badly, but such is the season of giving.

Lucky for me, she is WONDERFUL at picking out scarves.  And for someone that has upwards of 20 in her collection of everyday use scarves, that’s a large compliment!   I honestly don’t have anything else like this, style or color, in my collection, and I LOVE it! It’s going to be great for the holidays, the beautiful red color goes with anything, and it is so stinkin warm!! So in love!!

Vanessa’s awesome, she runs a fantastic blog centered on faith, family, and living the military life, and I think you should go check her out right now!


In other news, I’ll officially be embarking on another blogventure this Friday when I will start contributing to Loving A Soldier run by the Army Wife Network. I have loved and admired many of the bloggers that contribute to the site, and I’m honored to now be blogging among them.  So be sure to check that out!

I’ll also be getting the Sharpie mug how-to up here on Friday, and if you’ve ever wanted to give this relatively quick and pretty easy semi-crafty project a shot, you might want to check this out!

Have a great Hump Day all!

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