Friday, December 13, 2013

To Go or Not To Go… Is That a Question?

Since we got word of where FM would be spending the next year of his time, we have been trying to figure out how he would use what little leave hours he has had a chance to accumulate.  Okay, so it’s not that short a period of time in relation to my measly 10 vacation days per year, but when you’re traveling halfway around the world to be able to take a vacation, you’d like more than a week or two!

The choices are pretty clear, either:  (A) he comes home to the States for a visit for a few weeks where we would split up time between our families and throw in a day or two for ourselves I’m sure  (B) I brave the extremely long travel time and head to Asia for a few weeks or (C) we tough it out and wait until the tour is over next summer.

Honestly I don’t know which option I want to go with (not in love with option C), since each has its own plusses, minuses, and major things to consider.  Ever the academic, I would rather work this out on “paper,” a true pro/con list, which you’re all welcome to share your input on, because I SERIOUSLY need some help in making this decision, and we need to make it pretty quick…

Picture courtesy of FM

Here’s the big issues my brain is currently tossing about:

1. The travel
Okay, so I don’t think I have ever chronicled my distaste for travel in general, no less flying, but allow me to put it this way… I HATE IT! Travel by car is one thing, and I do tend to get rather carsick if in the wrong seated position, however, planes just up the ante here.  I am NOT, by any means, a good passenger.  If required to fly, I can’t eat or drink most of the day because it will just end up greeting me again in one way or another (sorry about that visual), plus I just have a general distrust of a metal can rocketing through the air waves from one land mass to another.  The trip over would be about 18 hours… all alone… to a foreign county… of which I don’t speak the language.  This just seems like a bad idea.

2. The cost
Oh dear GOD! Has anyone seen the price of airfare lately!? Okay, now check on airfare going overseas…  And now check it leaving on a weekend since I’ll need to do that…. HOLY COW! It’s close to two weeks salary just for the plane ticket, and now factor in the rest of the costs of vacationing.  I’m a big fan of crude oil, but I’m no Rockefeller!!  $2,000 off the bat just seems like a ton of money right now, not including hotels/general travel/food/etc.

3. The time
Like I said, I only have 10 days total per year to use as vacation.  I would like to think that my employer will work with me on using some sick/personal days in there, but if not, spending all of that aforementioned money for an 8 day trip (after 2 days of travel time included both ways) seems a bit foolish.  And I certainly can’t afford to be losing my job at this point over some vacation days! Afterall, we have a wedding to pay for.

1. The experience
FM keeps asking me when we would ever get the chance to do this again, to see the country he’s calling home for 12 months.  And I do agree with his point, it would be a very lovely experience (omitting those other things up top), and we probably would not make it back there once he leaves.  But is it somewhere we intended on visiting in the first place?  I don’t know… it’s a tough one! And, couldn’t that money used on this trip be better spent on a great honeymoon that we never had the luxury of taking?

2. The connection
We’ve only spent about a month’s time together in the last year, only 5 days as a married couple, so getting to spend a few weeks with him would be fantastic to say the least.  Plus, it would be more of a vacation for the both of us, seeing as the last few times we have been in each other’s company has been more rushed and time sensitive.  It would be really nice to just kick back and do whatever without worrying about whose feelings get hurt by us not visiting them while FM is home.

Of course there are a ton of other little things to consider in the midst of these bigger ones, but those are the big ticket items I’m having difficulty with...

So I turn it over to you, my lovely blog readers… What would you do?

Stay?  Go?  Make FM come home?  Save for the honeymoon? Go all out now and worry about the rest later?  Be cautious and practical?  Dive right in? 

WHAT TO DO!!??!!

Give me your opinions… sway my decision! Because I really need to make one soon if I’m going to start planning this big a trip!

Thanks in advance for the help!

Have a great weekend all!

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