Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Wishes: Holiday Season Edition

I am so very, very thankful to have had  the last couple of days to come home from work and relax, get some shopping done, catch up on some of the TV shows I’ve been missing out on, and Skype with FM.  With work being so batty through October and November, I am surely welcoming the quiet of December, and the chance to have my evenings back again to read/blog/whatever I want!!

I also had a chance to actually DO most of the things I set out to last week in my Weekly Wishes.  Once again, this link up seriously keeps me on track and accountable, so I’m super glad Melyssa keeps it going.

Let’s check on what went on last week…

Get some shopping done – I stopped after work most days to get a few things done each night, and made a big haul on Friday/Sunday so I am just about done, with a big celebratory HOOAH! to that! That’s a big weight lifted.

Send out FM’s package – the super surprise I ordered for him finally arrived on Tuesday so all I had to do was box it up and get it out on its way.  Hopefully it makes it there by Christmas, I think it will even with my tardiness. Look out for the awesome design I mustered up for this Christmas themed box, coming soon!

Get back to a normal blogging pattern – well, I’m still working on the blogging ahead, but to be fair most of my blogging time went to shopping this week, so, sorry! I do have to catch up on all of my reading, so no fear, I will still be reading your posts! But I at least have more than 5 minutes to get a post up this week. So excited!

Start reading something great – so I haven’t actually cracked a spine yet, but I’ve picked out the next read, and I’ll be visiting the library for it tomorrow (yes, I still utilize the library’s services.  I love the smell of musty books.  Go ahead, call me crazy!)  So let’s call this wish half done.  By the way, I’ll be picking up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, anyone had a chance to read this yet?   

Since last week went so well, why not keep it rolling…

For this week I’m wishing to:

Wrap all those presents – I actually don’t mind wrapping, I just need to set aside a good chunk of time to do it, so that clearly needs to be on the list for this week or everything will be a bit funny looking under the tree.

Watch some holiday movies – I haven’t caught any great old Christmas movies on TV this year, and that’s a serious tradition that needs to be upheld. I need me some Charlie Brown and Grinch!

I just ADORE Max!
Share my latest crafty project – I have been dying to try DIY Sharpie mugs, and I got a chance to do them and send one to FM, so I have to share that how-to.   But let me just say in advance, they’re adorable!

And again, get back to normal blogging – I’m really going to give it a major go this week, catch up on all my reading, and get back to blogging ahead.

Hope you all had success with your wishes last week too!

Try to have a great Monday! 

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