Monday, January 13, 2014

A Look Back on 25...

So now I’m 26.  Feels just like 25, except I’m over that quarter century old hump thing, so I guess it’s slightly sadder.  Oh well!  

I know plenty of people that like to lounge around in bed on their birthday. Personally, I’ve got things to get up and do, so that’s not really an all day option (ain't nobody got time for that!), but I love to take a few minutes, in between celebratory texts and checking Facebook to read all of the birthday wishes from the obscure people who only locate your profile once a year because their sidebar told them to, and reflect back on what I did between last birthday and this birthday, remembering everything I’m grateful for from the past year.  This year I’m sharing that morning chat I had with myself with all of you…

In my 25th year on planet Earth I:
(in relative order)
*        Turned a quarter century old and didn’t freak out about it (except for the sombrero shoved on my head)
*        Quit two fantastic jobs with reckless abandon
*        Packed up my Albany home and moved back in with my parents
*        Celebrated my baby sister’s 21st birthday in style
*        Got on a plane (actually 4) by myself to visit FM in Oklahoma (I hate flying)
*        Helped fundraise for my 5th & 6th Relay for Lifes
*        Lost my Grandmother to breast cancer
*        Started blogging, and made some great new friends, military and not
*        Learned to accept a lot of the uncertainty that comes with that military
*        Married the amazing FM
*        Pulled together a wedding ceremony and “reception” in 24 hours
*        Became an official Army wife, dependent card and all
*     Gained a whole new awesome in-law family
*        Sent FM off to S. Korea for a year by himself, confident that we’d be okay
*        Saw the one and only Jon Bon Jovi in concert
*        Got my first big girl job with a big girl salary and vacation days
*        Mastered international postal regulations and mailing
*        Almost got all of my debt paid off (Completely done in February, WOO!)
*        Raised a ton of money and walked for the ACS to end Breast Cancer
*        Taught a lot of kids how to protect themselves & be safe and made it okay for a few to let out their painful secrets
*        Spent the holidays with my family, no travel needed

This was the infamous birthday sombrero... don't mistake
my happiness at this moment for affections for that hat! Yuck!

It was a very interesting year, I can say that much.  Some great things, some things that made me scratch my head, and others that made me want to cry in the corner (and I might have once or twice), but the challenges of 25 really made me appreciative for a lot of things, and forced me to face a couple things I never wanted to.

Welcome, 26, bring your cheer!  Cheers to all Whos far and near.  I’m ready for you and everything you’ve got coming to me! 

Cheers all!

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