Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally, FRIDAY!

Oh Friday, I have not been this excited for your arrival in quite a while! Not only was it the first full week back at work sans holidays and blizzards, but this week let out all of the crazies that were lurking behind the holiday season’s tinsel and sparkles waiting to spring up and wreak havoc in my snow globe!  So to you this letter I write….

Dear Friday, THANK GOD IT’S YOU!  And thanks to letting me leave work at 4 because, really, every minute counts this week…

Dear FM, I completely and utterly dislike quarreling with you, even if it’s a tiny thing, though we have gotten far better at controlling ourselves and acting like adults.  Thanks for seeing things my way sometimes, and coping with my neurotic ticks, and realizing that I sometimes just can’t help myself from asking questions.  I love you dearly for understanding me that way.

Dear Parents, thanks for creating me 26 years ago this Sunday.  I hope I didn’t cause you too much grief or sleepless nights… and if I did, well, I really couldn’t help it, could I?

Dear Wedding Plans, can’t you just figure yourself out? It’s getting a little complicated in my head now, and you know how busy it is up there lately…

Dear stomach, stop doing flips and junk whenever I eat.  I don’t appreciate you disrupting my meals.  While you’re at it, could you be just be a little less cranky altogether so I would have an easier time agreeing to go to Korea? Thanks!

So, let’s hope Friday can work some magic here and make me feel better and ring in a wonderful birthday weekend served with relaxation and negative stress, perhaps with the promise of a better week on the side.

Have a great weekend everyone; see you when I’m 26!

And while you're at it, dance around a bit!!

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