Monday, January 27, 2014

안녕하세요 is Korean for Hello

A couple of months ago I wrote a lovely pros and cons post about my thoughts on visiting Mr. FM in South Korea (if you didn't read it, check it out here. I make a mean list!).  Of course the list included the typical issues like the ridiculous sum of money for airfare and hotels, getting time off from work, my not being able to speak or read Korean (did  you know this 안녕하세is Korean for hello? I sure didn't!) and FM not getting the chance to come home for a whole year.  It also touched upon my extreme aversion toward air travel.

Well, after much consideration, the prodding of FM to recognize that we will probably never get the chance to explore that corner of the world again after he leaves, and the encouragement from many of you lovely readers, I have decided to acquiesce and hitch a ride on a jet plane.

I figure, FM’s right (although it pains me to admit it) we will probably never head towards South Korea ever again, even when traveling abroad, because, really, there are so many other places I would rather go that Korea would fall to the bottom of the travel wish list.  I also have a whole bunch of vacation days coming to me that I have yet to take, and, hey, what else am I going to do with them? I mean if FM were to come home I would take some days off and head to see family with him, but as he so concisely pointed out, he’s been to the US, he’s seen a lot of NY, so why come home to do the same?  I can’t say I disagree with his logic, even though I know his family would like to see him…

And as far as the cost… well, it’ll cost less for just me to fly there than both of us someday in the future won’t it?  And with the added bonus of some pretty decent discounts for accommodations on base, it’s not looking all THAT costly (just about a half a month of my salary…okay that sounds bad!). 

Finally… that whole fear of flying thing.  I’ve been a big believer in everything happening for a reason, especially lately, and if I’m destined to sizzle up in a fiery plane crash, then so be it I suppose.  Between some books, my Kindle tablet, music, magazines, and the sleeping pills I’m most definitely bringing, I think I will be able to entertain myself or at least make myself bored enough to sleep a couple hours to pass the time and nervousness.  As per the motion sickness, well, we’ll see how it goes! I sense a lot of Dramamine and Benadryl in my future! Perhaps some Tums too!

So I got the ball rolling and applied for my very first big girl passport; step one: complete! But there's still a ton to other steps to get ready to be able to soar the skies in just a few short months!

Of course, this is where I turn to you, many of my wonderful blogging friends who have either had the chance to visit the Seoul area, live in the area/on the military installations, just travel abroad in general, or those of you who fear flying and hate sitting still as much as I do... help a sister out and give me some pointers for this journey.  Like, what am I supposed to do with myself for 25 hours in one chair? (okay, that's a lie, I'll probably have a layover and switch chairs) Or what's the best translation app so I don't get lost or sold into a commune for not knowing the language? Or what's the thing I absolutely MUST pack or I won't be able to survive for two weeks?  Help!  I'll take all the advice I can get!

Until then, I'll probably be starting to practice a new form of meditation or relaxed breathing to combat my overwhelming desire to keep my feet on solid earth.

Have no fear, I’ll be posting tons of updates as the trip gets closer!! This Korea-venture has only just begun!!

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