Friday, January 24, 2014

Post-Blizzard Friday Love

Ugh Friday, here you are again, one federal holiday, a two day blizzard, and another short but stressful week later.  I am once again thankful for your graces!  Here’s a letter to tell you how much I appreciate you..

Dear Friday… thanks. I made it through another week unscathed; physically at least.

Dear winter storm… how fun it was making a 30 minute trip home from work a 2.5 hour trip, complete with non-functioning wiper blades due to severe icing.  Can we possibly not do that again? K, thanks!

Dear postal service and passport processors… Please process my application nice and quick so I can officially be on my way to Asia.  No hiccups, bumps, or otherwise gurgles in the road would be most appreciated, despite my typically horrendous luck with these sorts of things.

Dear flight plans… Can you fix yourself?  I really don’t want a giant layover and I’m developing a migraine from trying to figure out the time differences.

Dear Saturday and Sunday… Please provide me with enough time to be able to get a whole bunch of things that need to be done, done. I desperately need to get some of this stuff out of my mind and off my plate.

Dear FM… I love you.  Simple as that.

Have a great Friday, and weekend, all!

And by all means, link up with Whit to get your weekend going!  

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