Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh-So-Motivated Weekly Wishes

I don’t know if I’ve been inspired by the Olympics this weekend, or I just had very few pressing things to do, or if I was over caffeinated, but I was so motivated this weekend to get things done, and I knocked so many little projects of my ever-running to-do list! I’m crazy amazed with myself this weekend, so I think it’s only fitting to keep it going and set some goals for myself for this week with Weekly Wishes.  I have sincerely missed this hop!

This week I would love to…

Keep the motivation flowing… Clearing off my desk, getting papers in order, finishing up some of those mundane things that I haven’t wanted to do, etc. has just inspired me to keep it all going in the right direction. I want my list to be empty real soon!

Stay on top of the wedding plans… I just started looking into venues more seriously, and I think I’ve whittled the list down a bit to places I’d like to visit and test out.  I want to get some appointments made so I know exactly what we want when I get word that FM will actually be back in the US for his own wedding!

Get errands done after work…  if I can make a stop a night, it’s one less thing I have to get done on the weekends, which means more getting stuff done time.  And that just came full circle!

Stop stressing over work… last week I ended up so worked up one afternoon that I have a grapefruit sized knot in my chest that I couldn’t shake for two days.  I need to leave the work at the door when I leave for the day so I’m not a crazy person by the time I get home. I refuse to spend another week all keyed up!
And that’s just about a lofty enough set of goals for me this week, let’s hope I can accomplish most of them and keep this motivation train chugging along!

Have a great week everyone!

Oh, and allow me to share one of my weekend projects… I think I’ve officially caught the Olympic fever!   Go Team USA!!

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