Friday, February 28, 2014

The Start of Wedding Planning Season

Remember the time FM and I got married on the quick inviting relatively no one else to share in our day?  Well, we promised each other that we would throw a proper wedding for ourselves and celebrate being happily married with everyone we loved.  However, that takes some planning and FM back in the US of A.

I’ve been trying to put wedding planning related things on the back burner for quite a while until we had a better idea of when that return to US soil would occur, but seeing as we can now be relatively certain (in Army terms) that he’ll be back by Thanksgiving, I’m starting to march ahead with some details to get the ball rolling for this gala.  And I must say, this last week has really kicked my butt into wedding mode.  I’ve been to a few venue showcases and completely fell in love with a local place with absolutely amazing food (seriously, the lobster ravioli was to DIE for), great atmosphere and sea view, and the old time charm I’m looking for.

Check out the prettiness…

Timber Point Mansion, NY

So once I made up my mind, and sent some info FM’s way since I feel terrible doing this all without him having a say, I foolishly started trying to tackle all of the other things that go into throwing a big giant party for all of your friends and family.  A headache and heart attack promptly followed after I hit overload searching for flowers, DJs, photography, limos, invitations, and hotels all in one evening. Bad idea!

But I think over the past five days I’ve been able to narrow down a couple of things
(like the color scheme, a traditional Navy/Gray with fall accent colors), which I have to say, is making me feel a WHOLE lot better.  We’ve got about 9 months to pull this off, so it’s going to take some serious due diligence to stay on top of everything, but my neurotic tendencies will surely have no problem making it happen.

The current bridesmaids dress favorite

So, I’m off this weekend to make some final arrangements for the venue, and hopefully put down a deposit on a date, and officially ring in wedding planning season!

Here goes nothing!

Stay tuned for here-and-there updates on the process, the things I’m completely dying to try off Pinterest, some awesome things I’ve found out there for military brides, and general updates on throwing a wedding in more than 24 hours (unlike the last one)!
current Pinsperation!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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